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Hospital and Clinic in Kurigram District

Hospital and Clinic in Kurigram District! Hello Dear, welcome to Kurigram District Government Hospital and non-government Clinic list content. There are many, who don’t know what is the address of Hospital & Clinic in Kurigram District. If you you are a Kurigram District people and want to know Kurigram District Hospital and Clinic Address and contact? Just, follow below content.

Hospital and Clinic in Kurigram District

At present, there are total 12 Hospital & Clinic of Kurigram District address available on online. In this content, we will talk about the Hospital and Clinic in Kurigram District Helpline Number & Address. So, staying with us and continue reading this article.

Hospital and Clinic in Kurigram District:

Hospital Name Address Contact Number
Kurigram Sadar Hospital, Kurigram Tel: 0581-61355
MOMCH, Kurigram Tel: 0581-61782
Marie Stopes Clinic Kurigram RK Road,Puraton

Dakbangla Para, Kurigram.

Kurigram District Hospital Government Hospital,

Kurigram Sadar, Kurigram

Tel: 01730-324808
Upazila Health Complex Ulipur Government Hospital ,

Ulipur, Kurigram

Tel: 01730-324663
Upazila Health Complex Nageshwari Government Hospital,

Nageshwari, Kurigram

Tel: 01730-324659
Upazila Health ComplexBhurungamari Government Hospital,

Bhurungamari, Kurigram

Tel: 01730-324656
Upazila Health Complex Rajarhat Government Hospital,

Rajarhat, Kurigram

Tel: 01730-324660
Upazila Health Complex Fulbari Government Hospital,

Fulbari, Kurigram

Tel: 01730-324658
Upazila Health Complex Chilmari Government Hospital,

Chilmari, Kurigram

Tel: 01730-324657
Upazila Health Complex Rowmari Government Hospital,

Rowmari, Kurigram

Tel: 01730-324662
Upazila Health Complex Rajibpur Government Hospital,

Rajibpur, Kurigram

Tel: 01730-324661

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