How to Check Own Ufone Sim Number without Balance?


How to know my Ufone Number? Hello Dear, Welcome to Ufone Own Sim Number Check USSD Code Without Balance. In Pakistan, many Ufone customers don’t know how to Check Ufone Sim Number Without Balance? But, this is a very easy system to check the Own Ufone Number By Sending message and Dial Code.

There are two systems available to check Ufone Number. You can easily get your number easily by calling another number, then your Ufone Sim number will show on other mobile number screen. But, there is a problem, in this system you need to keep balance on your Ufone SIM.

In this content, we will only talk about how to check my Ufone SIM Number very easily and short ways. So, staying with us and continue reading this content.

How to Check Own Ufone Sim Number without Balance?

This is a very easy system to check the Ufone Own Number by Dialing USSD Code. Just go to the dial option and type *780*3# or *1# and Dial by using Ufone SIM selection. After dialing above code by using Ufone SIM, you will see the Own Ufone Number on your device screen.

Note: Dial this code (*1#) & Press Send Button You will receive your Ufone Sim Number on your screen. Remember 1 thing that’s maybe this code is different in different areas (so please try different numbers (for example *9#, *8#, *7#, *6#, *5#, *4#, *3#, *2#, *1#, *0#).

Thanks for staying with us a long time and visiting How To Check Ufone Sim Number Without Balance Content. If you have any question about the Ufone Number Check Code? Just comment here. We reply as soon as possible.


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