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Chocolate Cupcake Day – 18th October National Chocolate Cupcake Day 2019

Chocolate Cupcake Day – 18th October National Chocolate Cupcake Day 2019! Welcome to National Chocolate Cupcake Day 2019 Date, History, Poster, Slogans, Facts, Images, Theme, Photos, Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Greetings, Pic, Text, SMS, photos & Wallpaper HD available in this content.

National Chocolate Cupcake Day 2019
October 18 – National Chocolate Cupcake Day 2019

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When is National Chocolate Cupcake Day 2019?

In United States, The National Chocolate Cupcake Day is very popular celebration day, which is celebrated annually every year on October 18. The Chocolate is a very popular food to eat for child to old people, that’s mean all quality people are like Chocolate Cupcake. On this day, many Chocolate Cupcake shop are offered free Chocolate Cupcake and also discount Chocolate Cupcake. Above the all those make this day is very special celebration day.

National Chocolate Cupcake Day History:

Chocolate cupcakes made their first written appearance in what was also the first cookbook to be penned by an American. That American was Amelia Simmons who, in 1796, simply titled her book American Cookery, and featured novel, individual-sized cakes. But these delicious delicacies weren’t called cupcakes until about 1828, when another cookbook first coined the phrase. In fact, before muffin tins were more widely available, people baked cupcakes in whatever small vessels they could find – ceramic cups, ramekins, vases. What initially started as a new, American idea has since spread into a worldwide, confectionery darling.

Where to Get Free & Discount Chocolate Cupcake on National Chocolate Cupcake Day 2019?


Gigi’s Cupcakes

Molly’s Cupcakes

Magnolia Bakery

Baked by Melissa


How to celebrate National Chocolate Cupcake Day 2019 and Activities:

  • Whip up some homemade chocolate cupcakes
  • Try out a local bakery
  • Watch a baking show
  • Update a status on social media with #NationalChocolateCupcakeDay hashtag.

Note: Indulge yourself in the most delicious of cupcakes, the chocolate cupcake when Chocolate Cupcake Day comes around. It should hardly require any encouragement to have you scarfing up all the delicious chocolate cupcakes you can find, and on Chocolate Cupcake Day, there is certainly nothing wrong with indulging in chocolate cupcakes at every meal!

Why we love and celebrate National Chocolate Cupcake Day?

  1. They’re too whimsical not to love
  2. Chocolate cures all
  3. The cupcake craze paved the way for a host of other delicious dessert trends

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