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Teletalk Oporajita Prepaid Package – [email protected] | [email protected] Internet Offer – The Bangladeshi Government telecommunication company Teletalk brings  a special prepaid package only for Women, which name is “Teletalk Aparajita Prepaid SIM”. The Teletalk Oporajita SIM is a special SIM for Internet. After activating Teletalk Aparajita SIM, customer can buy 1GB @ 8 TK and 2GB @ 14 TK Internet Offer, any time in a day. So, it is very big opportunity to enjoy cheap rate Teletalk Internet Package for Bangladeshi Women by activating Teletalk Oporajita Package buy a new Oporajita Teletalk SIM or Migrate Teletalk Aparajita Prepaid Package.

Teletalk Oporajita New Internet package: Teletalk Oporajita 1GB 18 TK Recharge Offer 2018

Under this Teletalk Oporajita Package, Women customers are enjoying Teletalk 1GB Internet 8 TK Offer and Teletalk 2GB Internet 14 TK Offer and special call rate. The Teletalk Oporajita SIM is fully free. So, it is very easy to collect Teletalk Aparajita Package SIM from Teletalk customer Care. If you want to know more about the Teletalk Oporajita Package, just follow the below information.

Teletalk Oporajita Prepaid Package – 1GB@8TK 2GB@14TK

How to Migrate Teletalk Oporajita Prepaid SIM or Collect New SIM?

The common question of all the Teletalk Oporajita eligible women, how to get Teletalk Oporajita New SIM or How to Migrate Teletalk Aparajita Prepaid SIM? If you want to buy a new SIM go to the Nearest Teletalk Customer Care with NID, NID Photocopy, Passport Size Picture or Migrate, just go customer care. The Customer care agent fully helps you complete this step and get Teletalk Prepaid Oporajita  SIM.

How to activate Teletalk Oporajita SIM 1GB 8 TK Internet Offer?

After collecting or Migrate Teletalk Aparajita Prepaid Package, the customers are searching how to activate Teletalk Aparajita SIM  1GB Internet 8 TK Package. This is a very easy system to activate Teletalk Prepaid SIM Oporajita 1GB 8 TK Internet Offer, Just recharge 8 TK and wait few second. The Oporajita Teletalk 1GB Internet Package 8 TK offer activates automatically.

How to activate Teletalk Aparajita SIM 2GB 14 TK Internet Offer?

It is the same system Teletalk Oporajita SIM 2GB Internet 14 TK Offer like as Teletalk 1GB 8 TK Oporajita SIM Offer. Just go to the Flexi-Load shop and recharge 14 TK. After recharging exact 14 Taka, the Oporajita Teletalk Internet Offer 2GB @ 14 TK package will activate automatically.

Teletalk Oporajita Prepaid Package – [email protected] | [email protected] Details Info:

  • Eligible Customer can activate the Teletalk 1GB 8 TK and 2GB 14 TK Oporajita SIM Internet Offer as many times as they want until 3 months, after activating the Oporajita SIM Teletalk Package.
  • The Validity of Teletalk Aparajita 1GB 8 TK and 2GB 14 TK Internet Package 7 Days.
  • To check the Oporajita Teletalk SIM Internet Balance, Just Dial *152# and mane more here – All Teletalk Balance Check Method.
  • VAT + SD + SC is included in recharge amount.

Teletalk Aparajita Prepaid Package Features:

  • Free SIM
  • 99 FnF
  • Lowest Call Rate from Tk29 & 99 recharge
  • 1GB @ Tk.8, 2GB @ Tk.14
  • SMS: 40 Paisa/ Any Operator

Teletalk Oporajita Prepaid Package Tarrif/Charges:

Teletalk Aparajita SIM Tarrif/Charges

Voice Call         Rate Time
On-net 60 Paisa/Min 24 Hours
Off-net 90 Paisa/Min
Video Call (On-net) 60 Paisa/min
FnF 99 (Any Operator)
FnF (On-net) 30 Paisa  24 Hours
FnF (Off-net) 60 Paisa
SMS 40 Paisa (Any Operator) 24 Hours
Pulse 1 Second
MMS 1 Taka
Pay-per-use rate 0.01Paisa/30KB

*VAT, SD & SC is applicable in all tariffs

Teletalk New Oporajita Prepaid Package Details Info in Bangla Language:

Teletalk Oporajita Package Details Info in Bangla Language

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