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Diabetes Day 2019 – 14th November World Diabetes Day 2019

Diabetes Day 2019 – 14th November World Diabetes Day 2019 Date, History, Theme, Slogans, Celebrations Idea, Facts, Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Images, Greetings, Pictures, SMS, Sayings, Photos and Status is now available in this content. Since 1991, the World Diabetes Day is the primary global awareness campaign focusing on diabetes mellitus, which is observed every year on November 14.

In medical since language the Diabetes is the mother of all the Disease. At present, this is a very common Disease in our country. We don’t suppress Diabetes but we can control by following health maintain rules. Here the below, we try discussions about the World Diabetes Day. So, staying with us and follow the below content.

World Diabetes Day 2019

World Diabetes Day Theme 2019:

  • 2013: Protect our Future: Diabetes Education and Prevention.
  • 2014: Go Blue for Breakfast.
  • 2015: Healthy Eating.
  • 2016: Eyes on Diabetes.
  • 2017: Women and diabetes – our right to a healthy future.
  • 2018–2019: The Family and Diabetes – diabetes concerns every family.

History of World Diabetes Day:

Since 1991, the World Diabetes Day was launched by IDF and the World Health Organization (WHO) in response to the rapid rise of diabetes around the world. By 2016, World Diabetes Day was being commemorated by over 230 IDF member associations in more than 160 countries and territories, as well as by other organizations, companies, healthcare professionals, politicians, celebrities, and people living with diabetes and their families. Activities include diabetes screening programs, radio and television campaigns, sports events and others.

World Diabetes Day 2019 – Lifestyle tips for blood sugar control in diabetes

  1. A well-managed diet with a balance of carbs, protein, fat and fibre.
  2. Foods that are rich in protein and fibre can be helpful. Almonds, fresh fruits and vegetables, walnuts, seeds, sprouts, whole grains etc are all examples of foods rich in fibre.
  3. Check your blood sugar levels several times in a day to ensure that your numbers are fibre.
  4. Diet needs to be modified according to the severity of the disease, a person’s weight, eating habits etc. But roughly, “diabetics can have cereal with milk and a fruit for breakfast; roti, dal, sabzi along with dahi or raita for lunch; handful of almonds or sprouts for an evening snack; your dinner can be similar to lunch, but in smaller quantities,” recommends Sheela.
  5. Avoid refined carbs like maida and refined sugar. High-fat foods also need to be off the table for diabetics.
  6. Include more complex carbs in your diet, but in controlled proportions.
  7. Stay away from aerated drinks and beverages if you have diabetes.
  8. Avoid exercising on an empty stomach, unless their blood sugar levels are under control. Have a light snack before workout if you have diabetes and workout in the morning.
  9. Quit smoking and alcohol.
  10. Exercise regularly and be physically active. Make sure you include strength training in your fitness routine.

World Diabetes Day 2019 Wishes, Quotes, Greetings, Sayings, Status & Messages

Wishing you all the happiness and sweetness but no Diabetes….. May you have a healthy and joyous life….. Happy World Diabetes Day 2019!!!

May your life is filled with all the goodness and smiles to make it a sweet life…. Wishing you good health on World Diabetes Day.

On the occasion of World Diabetes Day, I wish you sweetness in life and not in blood…. Have a wonderful on International Diabetes Day.

Less of sugar means more of happiness….. Best wishes on World Diabetes Day!!!

May World Diabetes Day be full of joy and smiles for you and loved ones….!!!!

Wishing you all the sweetness in life with no sugar in your veins…. Happy World Diabetes Day.

Diabetes is all about not coating is with sugar.

I am not sick…. I look ill because I have lazy pancreas.

I don’t need sugar because I am already sweet.

Managing your sugar levels is not science but it is an art.

I am waiting for day when I can say that I had diabetes.

I hate sugarcoated people as they give me diabetes.

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