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Global Cat Day – 16th October Global Cat Day 2019

Global Cat Day – 16th October Global Cat Day 2019! The Global Cat Day also known as National Feral Cat Day, which is observed annually on October 16th since 2001. Welcome to Global Cat Day 2019 Date, History, Poster, Slogans, Facts, Images, Theme, Photos, Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Greetings, Pic, Text, SMS, photos & Wallpaper HD available in this content.

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When is Global Cat Day 2019?

Every year, the United States people are celebrated is 16 October as Global Cat Day and it’s a very important celebrations day. A cat is a silent friend, who helping to convert your boring time to good time. If you have a good Cat, you never fill alone. Update a photo of your CAT on social media with #GlobalCatDay hashtag.

Global Cat Day 2019

October 16 – Global Cat Day 2019:

In 2017, the Global Cat Day takes the place of National Feral Cat Day which was initiated by Alley Cat Allies in 2001.

Sadly, over 70 million homeless animals fill shelters in the United States. While kittens are adorable, many older felines make great pets. And don’t forget, kittens do become cats. They cuddle their way into our hearts or aloofly play until they have our attention.  One of the many goals of awareness campaigns like this one is to encourage adoptions. Instead of purchasing a cat from a pet store, adopt from a shelter.

Follow the shelter’s guidelines. Keep these tips in mind when adopting:

  1. There’s an application process. Read through it and understand it. The guidelines are the safety of the animals, the employees, and you.
  2. Ask questions. It’s important there’s an understanding between you and the shelter. Most shelters have volunteers and paid employees. However, they work on a very tight budget. Please don’t expect any special accommodations.
  3. A good shelter will place the interests of the animal first. They want the cat to have a successful placement. Some animals have anxiety while others get along with anyone and every type of animal.
  4. Consider the size of your home and where you live – an apartment or house.
  5. Who lives with you? That includes people and pets – does everyone get along and does anyone have allergies? How much time do you have for a pet?
  6. So you’ve spotted the kitten for you.
  7. Be sure to make several visits to the shelter. Play with the kitten. Spend time grooming them. See how the kitten reacts to other cats. Learn the kitten’s behavior.
  8. Maybe Fuzzy Bear has health issues or doesn’t get along with children. Perhaps another kitten gets along better with dogs. All these factors will be considered on your application.

How to celebrate Global Cat Day 2019?

Have your cat spayed or neutered

Spread the news

Organize your own event

Visit a local shelter to learn about fostering, spaying and neutering. Better yet, adopt a furry critter and give them a forever home! Use #GlobalCatDay to post on social media.

Why we love and celebrate Global Cat Day 2019?

Cats are our best friends, too

Information is power

There’s power in numbers

Global Cat Day 2019 Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Greetings, Text, SMS:

For a happy and contented life, all you need is love and a cute and adorable CAT to add more fun to your life….. Best wishes on Global Cat Day to you.

Cats make the most amazing friends because they are caring, loving and honest… the qualities we love to see in relationships that are close to our hearts…. Happy Global Cat Day.

On the occasion of Global Cat Day, I want to wish you and your dearest, cutest CAT a day full of love, merriment and enjoyment….. May it is always blessed!!!

Her grace and love is unmatched….. Her loyalty and charm can win any heart….. Sending best wishes on Global Cat Day to the most adorable CAT.

Feed her with milk and she will pamper you with love….. Give her love and she will always stay honest to you….. Warm wishes on Global Cat Day to the cat lover I know!!!

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