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How to Say Happy Mother’s Day in Spanish? [Best Ways] – Mother’s Day 2024 (Feliz Día de la Madre)

How to Say Happy Mother’s Day in Spanish? Mother’s Day is a cherished holiday celebrated worldwide to honor and express gratitude to mothers and mother figures. While traditions and dates may vary from country to country, the sentiment of appreciating the profound influence of mothers remains universal. In Spanish-speaking countries, Mother’s Day carries its own unique flavor of celebration. If you’re looking to add a Spanish touch to your Mother’s Day wishes this year, here’s how you can say “Happy Mother’s Day” in Spanish and some insights into the traditions surrounding this special day.

Happy Mother’s Day Images 2024
Happy Mother’s Day Images 2024

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How to Say Happy Mother’s Day in Spanish?

The direct translation of “Happy Mother’s Day” in Spanish is “Feliz Día de la Madre”. This phrase is widely used in Spain and many Latin American countries. Here’s how you can pronounce it:

  • Feliz (feh-LEES) – Happy
  • Día (DEE-ah) – Day
  • de (deh) – of
  • la Madre (lah MAH-dreh) – the Mother

You might also hear “Feliz Día de las Madres”, which translates to “Happy Mothers’ Day” and is commonly used in Mexico and some parts of Latin America. The pronunciation remains similar, with a plural twist on “Madres” (MAH-dres).

Celebrating Mother’s Day in Spanish-Speaking Countries

Mother’s Day is deeply revered in Spanish-speaking countries, and each has its own customs and dates for celebration. For instance, in Spain, Mother’s Day is typically celebrated on the first Sunday of May, aligning with the United States and many other countries. However, in many Latin American countries, such as Mexico and El Salvador, Mother’s Day is a fixed date: May 10th.

Celebrations often include gatherings, church services, and special meals dedicated to mothers. It’s common for children and adults alike to present their mothers with gifts, flowers, and heartfelt cards. In some families, poems and songs are performed as a tribute to the matriarchs, showcasing deep cultural respect and love for mothers.

Incorporating Spanish Traditions into Your Celebration

If you want to embrace Spanish traditions this Mother’s Day, consider the following activities:

  1. Prepare a Special Meal: Cook your mother’s favorite Spanish dishes or explore new recipes from Spanish-speaking cultures. Popular dishes might include paella, churros, or flan.
  2. Craft a Handmade Card: Alongside writing “Feliz Día de la Madre,” you can decorate the card with traditional Spanish symbols such as flowers or artistic designs inspired by famous Spanish artists like Pablo Picasso or Frida Kahlo.
  3. Learn a Mother’s Day Song in Spanish: Music is a wonderful way to express emotions. Learning a song in Spanish to sing to your mother can make the day extra special. “Amor de Madre” by Victor Manuelle is a touching choice.
  4. Share Stories of Celebrated Mothers: Talk about notable mothers from Spanish-speaking countries, sharing stories of their lives and achievements. This not only honors them but also enriches the cultural aspect of your celebration.


Whether you’re fluent in Spanish or just learning, incorporating Spanish into your Mother’s Day wishes can add a meaningful touch to your celebration. “Feliz Día de la Madre” is more than just a phrase; it’s a heartfelt expression of love and gratitude towards those who have played such an integral role in our lives. By embracing these traditions and expressions, you not only enhance your celebration but also bridge cultural gaps, bringing a richer global perspective to this special day.

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