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International Joke Day 2022: Wishes, Quotes, Images, Captions, Funny Text

International Joke Day 2022: Wishes Quotes, Images, Greetings, SMS and Photos for Facebook and WhatsApp Status. Every year, World celebrate 1st July as an International Joke Day. Everyone know that’s theory, A smile never hurts and a laughter always feels good. So, Celebrate Happy International Joke Day by sending Funny Joke Day Text, SMS, Wishes, Quotes, Images, Greetings and Image to your friend, family members & Relatives.

International Joke Day 2022
International Joke Day 2022

Here the below some collection of International Joke Day 2022 Funny Text, Wishes, Quotes, Images, Greetings, SMS & HD Wallpaper. So, staying with us and reading below sections.

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International Joke Day 2022 Wishes, Captions, Quotes, Messages, Image & Greetings

In this section, we bring the latest International Joke Day Wishes, Greetings, and funny messages to celebrate 1st July 2022 Happy International Joke Day with your loved ones on Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp.

International Joke Day 2022 - Best Joke of the Day
International Joke Day 2022 – Best Joke of the Day

Funny Messages, Picture Text & SMS for International Joke Day 2019:

  1. “The safest thing for a man to enjoy a peaceful life is by agreeing to whatever his wife says and say sorry even when his wife is wrong.”

  2. “I don’t want anything but just one chance to prove to the world that money can never make a man happy…. I hope you give me this chance and I will not disappoint you.”

  3. “I am in search of another word for synonym….. And I would like you to help me do that.”

  4. “Not even the best of the dictionaries have been able to define a successful man….. He is the one who can make more money than what his wife can spend.”

  5. “What does one coffee say to another….???? It says, “How have you been?”

  6. “When a wife asks her husband that if I die, what will you do….. The husband sweetly replies that I will go mad…. The wife asks him that will you not marry again…. The husband replies that a mad man can do anything.”

  7. “A man asked his gym instructor that can you make me do splits, the gym instructor asks him if he is flexible and the man replies that he cannot do Tuesdays.”

  8. “A man calls the hospital and shouts, “My wife is in labor, send help.” The nurse says,” Is it the first child”. The man says,” It’s the husband”. Happy International Joke Day to you”

  9. “You know you are in Canada when you have had a real long telephonic conversation with someone who had dialed a wrong number. Happy International Joke Day”

  10. “You need at least one witness to prove a murder and at least two witnesses to register a marriage. Now you know what is more dangerous. Hilarious wishes on International Joke Day”

  11. “Blondes enjoy driving in winters as all potholes are filled with snow reducing the chances of accidents. Have a wonderful International Joke Day to you.”

  12. “Wife said lets watch a horror movie. Husband said lets watch our marriage’s video recording. Keep laughing like this on International Joke Day.”

Happy International Joke Day 2022
Happy International Joke Day 2022

Happy International Joke Day Wishes

  1. “Wishing you lots of laughter and happiness on the occasion of International Joke Day…. May the smile on your face never fade!!!”

  2. “The healthy way to live a life is with a smile….. Wishing you a year full of smiles on International Joke Day.”

  3. “On the occasion of International Joke Day, I am sending you warm wishes to always wear that smile and keep that laugh going!!!”

International Joke Day Emoji 2022
International Joke Day Emoji 2022

Joke Day One Liners Captions for Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp:

  1. “All genius men are blessed with a hint of foolishness in them.”

  2. “What is worse to have in your pants than ants….??? Uncles!!!”

  3. “The most fun thing about food jokes is that they come with zero calories.”

  4. “I had an amazing childhood which is making it all the more difficult to adjust with my adulthood.”

  5. “I got a negative drug test and now my drug dealer has some serious answers to give me.”

International Joke Day Emoji
International Joke Day Emoji

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