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Top 4 JPG to Adobe Illustrator (AI) Converters for Free

Converting JPG images to Adobe Illustrator (AI) files is pretty simple because there are innumerable converter sources available around the internet. Still choosing one from such a bulk solution looks like a challenging task. For user convenience, we entertain you with full-fledged converters that are highly capable of turning JPG into Ai vector format.

Remember that!

Although JPG or JPEG is a regular image format, it still comes with lower quality as compared to its counterparts’ file formats. If you want to enhance photos in JPEG format, then proceeding with a JPG to Ai converter application like makes perfect sense. You can explore the below-mentioned tools one-by-one to start converting JPG images to high-quality Adobe Illustrator format.


AnyConv is a full-fledged file transformation source that is loaded with a huge range of file formats including JPEG to AI and more. When it comes to the security of the imported and exported files, this online converter serves you perfectly as all the files are deleted permanently within an hour once the session is completed. There’s no need to pay even a single penny to save a jpg as a vector format, this conversion is 100% free. It is quite simple and easy to process online utility through which you just have to click on the upload button and process the conversion. Don’t fret, you will get the converted AI files within a matter of seconds with this program.

Why Use?

  • Entertains you with a wide range of compatibility
  • Simply and easy-to-use JPG to AI converter source
  • free for all types of files conversion

Why Don’t you?

  • Converted files come with certain variations
  • Huge images consume lots of time to process
  • Works tremendously only on desktop


This is another web-based application online to make conversions for images, pdf, ebooks, documents, and different other formats. Converting JPG to AI is only a couple of steps away with this easy-to-navigate online JPG to AI converter. The amazing thing is that there’s no huge manual intervention while saving JPG in AI (Adobe Illustrator) format with this online image to AI converter. Remember that this program functions with quality preservation features, this means no quality distortion takes place while converting photos to AI files.

Besides that, if you want to save PNG as a vector file format, this online utility offers you with the best PNG to vector converter. You can make conversions for both raster and vector graphic formats with this online converter source.

Top 4 JPG to Adobe Illustrator (AI) Converters for Free

Why Use?

  • High quality and swift jpg to ai conversions
  • 100% free for converting multiple jpg or jpeg images to ai files online
  • Straight-forward conversions for individual converters
  • Secure JPG to AI conversions

Why Don’t you?

  • Ads on the interface


FileProInfo is the super-fast conversion source that lets you process conversions for nearly all common formats including mp4, pdf, docx, png, jpg, ai, and others. And, if you’re seeking SEO-related tools such as website reviewers, plagiarism checkers, etc, then this is indicated as the best source for you. You can even get the best JPG to AI converter from this free source that lets you create high-resolution AI (Adobe Illustrator) files from the uploaded JPG Images. Its interface is straightforward, which means no huge manual intervention and daunting steps take place while converting any type of file.

Why Use?

  • Popular formats supported and entertains you with high-quality results
  • Fully free online source
  • SEO tools for user convenience

Why Don’t you?

  • Slow processing with complicated files
  • Results variations
  • Packed with limited features


It is another full-fledged accessibility for the users to process swift conversions for images, documents, pdfs, and more. Get its best jpg to ai converter that lets you add images from Dropbox, Google Drive, and PC and start saving jpg images as ai files. You can get its extension on Google Chrome for the ease of converting jpg to ai files without any manual intervention. This online web-based source also offers you a few other tools including a QR code generator, Online File Reader, barcode generator, and more.

Why Use?

  • Different ways involves to upload files
  • Easy-to-navigate tools
  • Different traits for files creation and conversion

Why Don’t you?

  • Files conversion is a bit slow
  • Results variations

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