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Where to see lantern festival in Singapore 2023

Lantern Festival, also called Yuan Xiao Festival, holiday celebrated in China and other Asian countries that honours deceased ancestors on the 15th day of the first month (Yuan) of the lunar calendar. The Lantern Festival aims to promote reconciliation, peace, and forgiveness. In Singapore, you can see the lantern festival at various locations, including:

Happy Lantern Festival 2023

  1. Gardens by the Bay: This iconic attraction is a popular spot for the annual Mid-Autumn Festival lantern display.
  2. Marina Bay Sands: The event space at Marina Bay Sands also often hosts lantern exhibitions during the Mid-Autumn Festival.
  3. Chinatown: During the Mid-Autumn Festival, Chinatown is transformed into a vibrant and colorful display of lanterns, traditional crafts, and festive foods.
  4. Clarke Quay: This historic riverside area is another popular spot for lantern displays during the Mid-Autumn Festival.
  5. Chingay Parade: The Chingay Parade is an annual street parade that features spectacular lantern displays, as well as cultural performances and dances.

These are just a few of the many places where you can see lantern festivals in Singapore. Be sure to check the event schedules and plan your visit accordingly.

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