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National Lineman Appreciation Day 2022 – Monday, April 18

Lineman Appreciation Day – National Lineman Appreciation Day 2022! Today is Happy National Lineman Appreciation Day 2022 in the United States. This is a very special celebration day to wish a Lineman, who works very hard with heavy risk for us. If you are a good person, you must respect a Lineman.

This year, COVID-19 attacks the world and very Worse conditions in the United States. Every day 2K+ people are dying in the USA of the Coronavirus issue. But, this time Lineman is working every day with life risk to support the people. So, we respect our Lineman.

Here below, we are adding the Happy National Lineman Appreciation Day Celebration date, History, Ideas, Wishes, Quotes, and Greetings. Just, stay with us and continue reading this content.

When is Happy National Lineman Appreciation Day 2022?

Every year, April 18 is officially celebrated as Lineman Appreciation Day.

Source: National Day

National Lineman Appreciation Day 2022
National Lineman Appreciation Day 2022

History of National Lineman Appreciation Day:

Linemen (and women) work on power or phone lines — keeping the current flowing to our homes and businesses. It’s a dangerous job. After 2012’s Hurricane Sandy, the 113th Congress passed a bill designating April 18 as National Lineman Appreciation Day.

How to Celebrate Happy National Lineman Appreciation Day 2022?

Say you appreciate them

Maybe you can spot one working in your neighborhood, or send your power company a note when they come through for you.


Post on social media with this hashtag to encourage others to appreciate and recognize the important job that linemen do.

Donate to a fallen lineman

Nonprofits seek assistance for injured linemen and their families. Help out on this day.

Lineman Appreciation Day 2022 Quotes, Wishes & Status

Celebrating the power line employees of electric utilities everywhere! You deserve to be recognized for your hard work and accomplishments in delivering electricity safely and keeping the power flowing. Happy National Lineman (and woman) Appreciation Day!

To celebrate National Lineman Appreciation Day, we’d like to thank our linemen and all essential workers for answering the call to provide safe and reliable energy.

Today is National Lineman Appreciation Day, and we can’t think of a better time to spotlight our crews and all they do to keep power flowing. They take great pride in serving our community through the dangerous work they perform daily. We are so appreciative!

Every day thousands of men and women push the boundaries of human achievement as they risk their lives working as Lineworkers. It is with utmost appreciation that we honor our lineworkers for National Lineman Appreciation Day this Saturday, April 18th.

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