Black Cat Day – 27th October National Black Cat Day 2019


Black Cat Day – 27th October National Black Cat Day 2019! Welcome to Happy National Black Cat Day 2019 Date, History, Poster, Slogans, Facts, Images, Theme, Photos, Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Greetings, Pic, Text, SMS, photos & Wallpaper HD available in this content.

When is National Black Cat Day 2019?

In United States, every year on 27th October is celebrated as Happy National Black Cat Day. Here the below some idea and wishes for celebration National Black Cat Day. Don’t forget to update a status on social media with #NationalBlackCatDay hashtag.

National Black Cat Day

Short History of National Black Cat Day:

Cats Protection, an animal charity in the United Kingdom, founded National Black Cat Day to raise awareness concerning the lower rates of adoption for black cats.

How to celebrate Happy National Black Cat Day 2019 and Activities:

  • Show Off Your Black Cat on Social Media.
  • Watch a black cat.
  • Adopt a black cat
  • If your home is graced with a black cat, share photos of your fine feline on social media. Let the world know there’s nothing to fear.
  • Update a Status with a great caption in social media with #NationalBlackCatDay Hashtag.

Why we love and celebrate Happy National Black Cat Day?

  1. Black Can Be Lucky, Too
  2. Black Cats Match Dark Furniture.
  3. They’re Cute!

International Cat Day 2019 Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Greetings, Text, SMS:

“It doesn’t matter whether the cat is white or black because a cat is cat and if you are a cat lover, you love them all…. Happy World Cat Day.”

“Warm wishes on World Cat Day to you…. May you and cat enjoy this wonderful day with lots of celebrations and happiness.”

“On the occasion of World Cat Day, I am sending lots of love and greetings to you for a day full of love and celebrations.”

“If you are special to a cat, you are indeed very special and loved because you will always have someone to come back home to…. Happy International Cat Day.”

“Cats only want your love and pampering and they are going to shower you with all their love and cuteness…. Warm wishes on International Cat Day.”

“A cat is a friend for life who is going to fill your heart and life with lots of love and affection.”

“If you have a cat at home, you will always have someone waiting for you to come back.”

“With a cat in the house, you are never alone as you always have someone to share your happiness with.”

“Cat can be your friend but never be a slave…. She will always want your love and attention.”

“There is no one else who can make such cute and innocent faces like a CAT.”


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