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Cappuccino Day – Happy National Cappuccino Day 2019

Cappuccino Day – Happy National Cappuccino Day 2019! Every year, November 8 is officially celebrated as National Cappuccino Day for Enjoy a cup of foamy deliciousness. This is a popular celebration day and many people are enjoying this day with their family member, Friend and other relatives.

Here the below, we are to update some information about the National Cappuccino Day Date. History, celebrations idea and more. So, staying with us and follow the below content.

National Cappuccino Day 2019
National Cappuccino Day 2019

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National Cappuccino Day History:

Before we delve into the history of that fantastic morning wake-me-up, the cappuccino; let’s go through some basics. Espresso coffee forms the base from which cappuccinos are made. Espresso results from a highly-pressurized process which forces hot water through dense, tightly-packed grounds resulting in less than an ounce of an incredibly strong brew with an earthy taste and rich aroma. Cappuccinos are made from espresso, hot milk and lots of foam.

There’s an unverified legend that a 17th century monk named Marco d’Aviano first created the cappuccino after the Battle of Vienna in 1683.

How to celebrate National Cappuccino Day 2019?

Drink up!

Phone a friend and invite them to coffee. Catch up on life as you sip your daily dose of caffeine from a warm mug. What could be better? A second cappuccino!

Buy an espresso maker

Don’t let the fancy name fool you. Cappuccinos are simple to make with the right equipment. Buy an espresso maker and start enjoying your favorite caffeinated beverage at home, any time you want one.

Share it on social media

If you don’t share it, did it really happen? With so many baristas creating custom masterpieces in the foam, cappuccino is like art. Post your foamy artwork with the hashtag #NationalCappuccinoDay for the world to admire.

Why we love and celebrate National Cappuccino Day?

  • We sip all the cappuccino our hearts desire.
  • We celebrate the rich history behind this beverage
  • It brings people together

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