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National Child Health Day – 7th October Happy National Child Health Day 2019

National Child Health Day – 7th October Happy National Child Health Day 2019! Welcome to National Child Health Day Date, History, How to celebrate & why we celebrate this day, Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Sayings, Images, Pictures, Photos, Greetings and status is available here.

Every year, in United States October 7 is celebrated as National Child Health Day. For every parents, one of the main responsibilities is taking care of their child’s physical well-being, from regular check-ups and immunizations to healthy eating and plenty of exercise to use up all that energy.

So, maximum people of United States are celebrated the Child Health Day is a very important day for their child’s bright future.

When is National Child Health Day 2019?

This year, the Happy National Child Health Day is falls on October 7, 2019.

National Child Health Day

History of National Child Health Day:

Since 1928 every year, under a Joint Resolution of Congress, the President of the United States has proclaimed Child Health Day. The National Child Health Day was originally observed on each 1st May until 1960 when the date was changed to the first Monday in October of each calendar year.

In a response to a plea from both the American Federation of Labor and the General Federation of Women’s Clubs to proclaim the day, United States President Calvin Coolidge was the first president to issue a Child Health Day Proclamation while the resolution was still pending in Congress.

How to celebrate National Child Health Day 2019?

Here the below some examples ways of Observe National Child Health Day celebration. You can also make you own unique plan to celebrate this special day.

  • Go for a Walk with your Child’s.
  • Play with them on Park and memorial place or special place, which he/she loves.
  • Join the activities, which is promote child health.
  • Find some “kid chef” recipes and make a plan (with approval from your parents) to cook a healthy meal or snack.
  • You can also Surprise your parents by gifting something’s.
  • Try a new unique activity.

Share post on social media with #NationalChildHealthDay hashtag.

What we celebrate National Child Health Day or Importance of this day?

Healthy living is a daily choice

Gratitude pays off

It reminds us that it’s all about the balance

National Child Health Day 2019 Greetings  and Messages:

A healthy child is a happy child…. So make sure that you not just love your child but do a little extra for his health….. Sending best wishes on the occasion of Child Health Day.

Child Health Day reminds us that we must pay more attention and time to the health of a child because they are the future and we must do our best to make it a healthy future.

Not just as parents but also as humans, we must do our bit in contributing towards the health of our children to give them a happy present and happier future…. Wishing a very Happy Child Health Day.

For every parent, the health of the child is an important thing…. Let us fulfill our duties perfectly so that our children live happily and healthy…. Sending warm wishes on Child Health Day.

If we take care of the health of the child in his early lives then he will grow to become a strong and healthy individual in years to come…. With that thought, wish you Happy Child Health Day.

The present health of the child reflects his tomorrow…. Let us ensure that he has a present and future blessed with sound health and well being…. Happy Child Health Day.

Smallest of the efforts made towards the health of the child can help him becomes a happier and healthier person in the long run…. So keep working for his health….. Happy Child Health Day.

Best Happy National Child Health Day 2019 Slogans:

Give your child a healthy present and see him create a healthy future.

If you want to invest in something, invest in the health of your child and enjoy happy returns.

The best gift we can give our children is good health. Happy Child Health Day!!!

Health of a child is not only a concern for the parents but also for the country.

The prosperity of a country depends upon the health of the children of that country.

Let us create a world where children are healthy and happy….. Happy Child Health Day.

A healthy child will always reflect happiness and Positive…. So take care of your child’s health.

National Child Health Day 2019 in USA – Wishes, Sayings & Status:

“Happy Child Health Day to you…. May God bless you with the most amazing health to your child and always keep him happy.”

“A child’s health is the most important thing for a parent…. On the occasion of Child Health Day, I wish a wonderful health to your child.”

“May all the children be healthy and happy in life…. May the occasion of Child Health Day, shower the goodness of good health on all the kids around.”

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