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National Lego Day 2023 Deals, Meme, Images, Quotes, Clipart, GIF, Captions

National Lego Day 2023 Deals, Images, Meme, Clipart, Quotes, GIF, Captions, Wishes, Picture, Messages, Status, and Funny Pic! National Lego Day is not an officially recognized holiday, But, it’s celebrated every year on January 28 in the United States (USA). However, some LEGO fans and clubs may choose to celebrate it by building LEGO creations and sharing them online or in person. Some events may also be organized by LEGO stores or fan groups to celebrate the holiday.

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National Lego Day 2023 Images, Meme, Clipart, Quotes, GIFs, Captions, Deals

National Lego Day 2023

National Lego Day Funny Images 2023

National Lego Day Meme 2023
National Lego Day Meme 2023

Happy National Lego Day 2023 Memes


Wishing everyone on the occasion of National Lego Day. Let us spend this day by working on a Lego and post it on social media about it.

Lego is something that always keeps our brains actives and supports our creative skills. Warm wishes on National Lego Day.

The occasion of National Lego Day is all about coming together and having a Lego party as we create different creatures using Lego.

On the occasion of National Lego Day, you cannot celebrate this day without spending time making a Lego and creating memories.

Wishing everyone on National Lego Day. Lego is about endless innovative playtime and this day is all about making Legos all day long.

The good thing about Lego is that the play never stops and you cannot get tiered of using them for making anything imaginable. Happy National Lego Day.

Warm greetings on National Lego Day to all. Let us spend this day by coming together and making some unique and fun creatures using these plastic bricks.

Funny Lego Quotes

1.”LEGO has announced that they are shutting down their U.S. factory and moving it to Canada. LEGO employees say it’s their fault because they made the factory too easy to take apart and rebuild somewhere else.”

-Conan O’Brien.

2.”I hope you step on a Lego.”

– Unknown*.

3.”‘The Lego Movie’ did better than we could possibly have imagined. We were very nervous that people would discount it because it is called ‘The Lego Movie.'”

-Christopher Miller.

4.”On a scale of one to stepping on a LEGO, how much pain are you in?”

– Darynda Jones.

5.”So many people have asked me about getting their own LEGO Oscar that I submitted it to LEGO Ideas so that everyone has the ability to get one.”

– Nathan Sawaya.

6.”Everyone who ever walked barefoot into his child’s room late at night hates Legos.”

-Tony Kornheiser.

9.”I’m quite good at Lego and Fifa, but they don’t translate in the real world.”

– Nish Kumar.

7.”A girlfriend? No thanks, I’d rather play Nintendo and build my Lego set!”

-Zac Hanson.

8.”I hope she accidentally steps on Lego pieces for the remainder of her life.

– Brittainy C. Cherry.

9.”The yellow Lego was brick-shaped again. Pretending innocence.”

– William Gibson.

10.”When I saw Orlando from an airplane, it looked like a LEGO set sunk into an ocean of green. “

– John Green.

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Why USA celebrate National Lego Day?

National Lego Day is not officially recognized in the United States, and it is not a national holiday. It is not clear where the idea of a “National Lego Day” came from, but it appears to have been started by fans of the toy as a way to celebrate their love for the building blocks. It is not a widely observed day, and it is not recognized by the United States government or LEGO Group. Some LEGO fans and clubs may choose to celebrate it by building LEGO creations and sharing them online or in person.

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