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National Popcorn Day Deals 2023

National Popcorn Day Deals 2023! National Popcorn Day is an unofficial National Day that is celebrated annually on January 19 in the United States (US). It is a day to recognize and appreciate popcorn as a snack food. Some businesses may offer promotions or deals on popcorn products to celebrate the holiday. However, it’s not widely celebrated, so there may not be many or any specific deals or discounts available. But you can check with your local grocery stores, popcorn shops, or online retailers for any special offers they may have.

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National Popcorn Day Deals 2023

Hele the below some National Popcorn Day 2023 Deals…

National Popcorn Day Funny Images 2023
National Popcorn Day Funny Images 2023

AMC Theatres

To celebrate National Popcorn Day, AMC Theatres is offering 50% off popcorn.

Guests can purchase any size popcorn, including regular, large and bucket refill, on Thursday for 50% off.


Cinemark is celebrating cinema’s favorite snack on Thursday by offering 50% off a large popcorn all day.

Harkins Theatres

Harkins Theatres moviegoers can celebrate National Popcorn Day on Thursday with 50% off all popcorn.

My Harkins Awards members will also get double points.

Landmark Theatres

Landmark Theatres has a special offer for movie and popcorn lovers. The theatre company is offering buy one, get one popcorn on National Popcorn Day.

You must show this image at the concession stand.

Marcus Theatres and Movie Tavern

Marcus Theatres and Movie Tavern will celebrate National Popcorn Day with a free 44 oz. popcorn (one per person) on Thursday, Jan. 19.

Regal Cinemas

Regal Cinemas is offering 50% off any size popcorn on Thursday for National Popcorn Day.

That’s right, any size popcorn for 50% off.


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