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Robi 45GB 349 TK Offer – Robi Ghechang Offer 2019

Robi Ghechang Offer 2019 – Robi 45GB 349 TK Offer! Hello dear, welcome to Robi Ghechang Offer 45GB Internet 349 TK Activation Process, Validity, Terms and Conditions. All the Robi prepaid customers are eligible to enjoy Robi 349 TK 45GB Ghechang Internet Offer.

Robi 45GB 349 TK Offer 2018

If you are a Robi prepaid customers and want to know more details information about the Robi 45GB Internet 30days validity at only 349 Taka. Just staying with us and follow the below content.

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How to check Robi 45GB 349 TK Ghechang Internet Offer Eligibility?

There is no USSD code available to check the Robi 45GB Internet 349 TK Offer eligibility. If you get an SMS from Robi Dhamaka Offer, then you eligible to enjoy Robi Ghechang 45GB Internet 349 Taka Recharge Offer.

You can also check by go to the nearest any Robi Retailer Point. To know more, read the below image seriously.

Robi Ghechang Offer

How to activate Robi Ghechang 45GB 349 TK Internet Offer?

  • To Activate the offer Go to nearest Robi agent.
  • To Ghachang Recharge dial *999* Own Number * Amount * Pin (Agent).

Robi Ghechang Offer 45GB Internet 349 TK Details Info

  • The validity of Robi Ghechang 349 Taka 45GB Internet Offer, 30 days.
  • Customers get per day 1.5GB Internet (1.5GB X 30 Days = 45GB Internet).
  • To check the reaming balance of Robi 45GB 349TK Offer, just dial USSD code *8444*88#.
  • This is a limited time offer.

Thanks for staying with us a long time and visiting Robi Ghechang Offer 45GB Internet 349 TK Activation Process, Validity, Terms and Conditions content. If you have any question about the Robi 45GB 349 Taka Offer? Just comment here. We reply as soon as possible.


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  3. bi ami 6march2019 ai pack ti active kori..then ami pack ti 2 din use kori..aj 9/3/2019 amar pack ti deactive hoye gese..akn ar amake kunu mb dicce na

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