New (2023) Samsung Watch 6: Official Price, Release Date, Review, Features

New (2023) Samsung Watch 6: Official Price, Features, Review & Release Date! It’s a pretty impressive product portfolio, but the most exciting stuff is coming out later this year. The Galaxy Watch 6 line is one such example. Compared to the Galaxy Watch 4, the Galaxy Watch 5 family doesn’t seem to offer a huge leap forward.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 6 series has been the subject of some encouraging rumors. We have some exciting stuff to discuss, including software improvements, display changes, CPU updates, and a return to a classic design. This is a comprehensive guide to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 2023.

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Features of the New 2023 Galaxy Watch 6

New (2023) Samsung Watch 6
New (2023) Samsung Watch 6


Some users think this year’s Galaxy Watch 6 series will return to the “Classic” name chosen for the “Pro” model before it was taken off the market. Besides the brand name, the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic’s iconic bezel also returns. According to rumored renderings, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 6 Classic will feature rotating bezels.

By doing so, users can interact with UI elements more reliably than by using touch inputs on a device with fiddly bezels. The physical bezel spins in rain or sweat, so it’s more reliable.

In every sense of the term, this is still a Samsung smartwatch. You can get more color variations and a metallic sheen on the black dial. However, Samsung hasn’t changed the position of the biosensor assembly; it’s not clear if they have.

Samsung Watch Cellular + GPS USA GPS-Only USA
Galaxy Watch 6 (40mm) $329 $279
Galaxy Watch 6 (44mm) $349 $299
Galaxy Watch 6 Pro 2023 $420 $390

Galaxy Watch 6 Display

Super AMOLED displays and sapphire crystal glass lenses are featured on Samsung’s latest smartwatches. Maybe this year’s Galaxy Watch 6 line-up will get a refresh. The microLED display panels that Samsung has developed for smartwatches have begun shipping commercial samples. Apple Watch’s display will switch to micro-LEDs, as whispers in the supply chain predicted.

It now measures 1.47 inches in width and has a resolution of 720 pixels by 1280 pixels. MicroLEDs are better at contrast management, color accuracy, brightness, and battery life than conventional panels. Due to Samsung’s rapid changes in its hardware this year and its desire to upset Apple, the Galaxy Watch 6 series might move away from OLED screens and towards microLED displays.

Samsung Watch 6 Processor

According to speculation, Samsung will improve both the software and hardware of the Galaxy Watch 6 series. Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Watch 6 will be powered by an Exynos W980 chip, not the Exynos W920 chip used in the previous two models.

New chips are expected to perform 10% better than their predecessors. In addition to providing better battery life and more processing power, a 5nm manufacturing node may be used for its production, which is crucial for today’s smartwatches. Samsung, however, has stopped using Exynos processors in its flagship smartphones after signing a partnership with Qualcomm.

Display 1.3-inch, 432 x 432 PX super AMOLED 1.5-inch, 480 x 480 PX super AMOLED
Weight 28.7G 33.3G
Component Samsung Watch 6 (40mm) Samsung Watch 6 (44mm)
Connection Bluetooth 5.3, Wi-Fi & LTE Bluetooth 5.3, Wi-Fi & LTE
Water-resistant 5ATM+IP68 5ATM+IP68
Case/Bezel Aluminium Armor & Graphite Aluminium Armor & Graphite
Dimensions 38.8mm x 40.4mm x 9.0mm 42.8 x 44.4 x 9.0mm
Galaxy Watch 6 Battery Up to 40 Hours Up to 40 Hours

Galaxy Watch 6 Battery Life

With rumors suggesting a new chipset and sharper display, Samsung appears to be paying attention to battery problems. Compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy Watch 5 only had a 410mAh battery, while the Galaxy Watch 6 boasts a 425mAh battery.

In the Classic model, there has been no word on whether the battery size will increase, though it would be a technical feat to allow for a larger battery while also rotating the bezel.

Battery life of more than a day is currently the holy grail for Wear OS smartwatches without sacrificing features such as an always-on display.


In its third generation of smartwatches, Samsung is switching to Google’s Wear OS from its Tizen operating system. The Wear OS 4 developer preview has been available since Google unveiled the OS at I/O 2023. The platform will be widely released this fall.

Watch Face Format is the place to be when it comes to personalization in Wear OS 4. It’s a new way to make watch faces without coding or APK packaging and with minimal upkeep for optimum battery life and performance.

The new Wear OS 4 watch face editor gives users more customization options. Samsung’s Watch Face Studio just got an update, which lets you design custom watch faces without knowing the code.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Release Date 2023

Samsung has not said anything about the Galaxy Watch 6. But Samsung has said that the Unpacked show will be in Seoul near the end of July. Even though nothing else is known, we can guess that the Galaxy Watch 6 will be shown off at this Samsung Unpacked event.

Samsung usually shows off a new Galaxy Watch at the annual Unpacked event in autumn. We anticipate Samsung to show off the Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic in a gathering in July 2023, a month earlier instead of typical. Samsung hasn’t said when the event will happen, but July 26 has been discussed. The new official release date of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is August 11, 2023

Device Announcement date Release date
Galaxy Watch 6 July 26, 2023 August 11, 2023
Galaxy Watch 5 August 10, 2022 August 26, 2022
Galaxy Watch 4 August 11, 2021 August 27, 2021
Galaxy Watch 3 August 5, 2020 August 26, 202

Samsung Watch Series 6 Price

In light of Samsung’s price increase this year, we might get at the 40mm Galaxy Watch 6 for $279 and the 44mm model for $299. A model that can use LTE usually costs an extra $30 to $50. Users have also thought that the 42mm and 46mm versions of the Galaxy Watch Classic may return.

But there have been various reports that have seen the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic and the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro along up. The watch’s price will probably be known soon after it is first shown off at Samsung’s Unpacked show.

Samsung Watch Series 6 Price in USA 2023 $279
Samsung Watch Series 6 Price in Euro 2023 EUR 170


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is a high-tech gadget gear that can compete with the most advanced Android Wear trackers. It’s easy to use, and it has several new or better features than those on other wristwatches.

You can wear it throughout the day without having concerns about charging it. The only real problem is that the tire doesn’t turn, which may be sufficient for some people to decide not to buy it. But if you want a new Android Wear watch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is a great choice.

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