Save and convert PDF to TIFF with the PDF to TIFF converter

Save and convert PDF to TIFF with the PDF to TIFF converter and maintain the quality of images and scanned documents

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In a business transaction, both TIFF and PDF are widely used for smooth business processing. You probably need to maintain digital document records and both formats serve this process. Being a business enterprise necessary to understand each file format and its purpose. Each file format is created to serve a special purpose like JPG, PNG, Bitmap, etc. The same for the TIFF file format as it is raster in nature and better quality is ensured than PDF.

 This is the main reason you need to convert pdf to tiff file format. This makes it easy to save PDF as tiff and a business can enjoy the benefits of both formats. PDF to Tiff converter provides a simple solution to the problems and readily converts the PDF files to TIFF.

Disclosing method of pdf to tiff conversion below:

Using Online PDF to TIFF Converters

If Adobe Acrobat is not available prefer an online solution, you can use an online PDF to TIFF converter:

Visit an Online PDF to TIFF Converter:

There are several websites online for PDF to TiFF conversion for free of cost, Popular options include, Zamzar, and Convertio.

The step-by-step procedure is given below:

Upload the PDF File

There are three options here “Choose File”, Enter the URL or the Dropbox buttons are available on the website. Just select the PDF file you want to convert or simply drag and drop the file. You also have the option to convert PDF to Tiff by dragging and dropping or pasting the target file. The image below shows all the options available to the users to convert pdf to tiff.

Configure Conversion Settings

Different websites have various options available the options can be variable relative to the website setting. Some websites may have the option to configure settings like DPI (resolution) or other conversion options. Adjust these settings as needed according to your requirements for the conversion

Start the Conversion:

Try to “Convert” or “Start Conversion” button to begin the process for converting pdf to Tiff. The PDF to Tiff converter automatically converts your PDF to TIFF without any real-time effort.

Download the TIFF File:

Once the conversion is complete this restores the quality of the downloaded PDF file. Then click the link to save the pdf as TIFF to your computer, this also assists in saving the files in a raster format as TIFF is raster image files.


You need to save pdf as the tiff file format to maintain the quality of the images. TIFF was originally designed as a standard format, especially for images and scanned documents. It ensures a high-quality output each time, on the other hand, PDF files can reduce the size of the files, especially the compressed PDF file format. There are different pros and cons of both the file format and the pdf to tiff necessary for the smooth running of business transactions.

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