Tesla 2023.12.9 Software Update – Top Features & Benefits

Tesla 2023.12.9 Software Update – Top Features & Benefits: We would like to share the Tesla Cars Software Update with you today. Recent software updates have been made by Tesla. Some new stuff has been added. The purpose of this article is to tell you about the upcoming Tesla software update. This post aims to gather information about what the Tesla Update 2023–24 will include. According to Not Insiders, a few new features will appear in the Tesla app soon.

Tesla 2023.12.9
Tesla 2023.12.9

Several new features are coming to Tesla’s fleet, including a cloud-based driver profile as well as tons of extras to enhance your driving experience. Earlier this week, Tesla started deploying their most recent software update (2023.12.9): Top Features & Benefits.

Updates include recently released features and ones already available but now available on more vehicles in Tesla’s 3 million-strong fleet of automobiles. “Tesla Profiles,” Elon Musk’s promise to merge cloud profiles last year, is a significant new feature.

Additionally, vehicles with low regenerative power deploy standard brakes automatically while regenerative power is insufficient. The technology was introduced by Tesla earlier in the year but continues to be enhanced with every new update.

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2023 Tesla Software Updating

Tesla constantly introduces fresh capabilities by changing the software on your car remotely. Tesla recommends that you upgrade your car’s software immediately as possible. Keep Wi-Fi on and related as much as possible so software changes can be sent quickly and reliably. For most updates, your car requires to be via Wi-Fi. The release notes don’t mention these changes.

First and most crucially, Tesla will let you choose where your blind spot camera will be set up. The update will let you move where the camera shows on the screen. It can go back to its natural spot on the bottom left. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can now move it to any part of the screen.

Tesla Releases New Software Update 2023 With High Performance

The second change is that it looks like Tesla is finally sharing the “Cloud Profile,” which has been talked about for a long time. Using Cloud Profiles, you can link a driver identity to your Tesla account. This means that if you already personalize more than one Tesla or plan to hire more than one, you may utilize the same settings on all of them.

With the software update, drivers can now change the blind spot camera messages to more accurately match their location. While the flashing lights are on, all you have to do is “drag” the camera icon to make changes: To use this function, go to the Controls — Autopilot — Automatic Blind Spot Camera Setting menu.

The Sentinel mode can also be switched off to disable sounds. If you’d like to avoid disturbing your neighbors, you can now quickly turn off the Sentinel Mode noises that remain muted in the background while the app sends notifications. You can enable this setting by selecting Control > Security > Sentinel Mode > Disable Sentinel Sound.

The software is now capable of showing wait times at Tesla Superchargers, a function previously available only to vehicles running version 2022.16.0.2. Restricting regenerative braking with the Apply Brakes option under the Controls > Pedals and Steering menu is now possible.

Tesla Software Update 2023 Release Date

Would you like to know more about the Tesla Software Update for 2023? Nothing to worry about. The Tesla update software is expected to be released on the following date. In accordance with Tesla Authority information, the new software update will be available in 2023. My dear friend, Tesla will update its software in December 2023.

Tesla 2023.12.9 Software Update – Full Features

Autopilot Features – New Feature

for Model S Plaid (Not relevant in Germany)

Your vehicle is now equipped with Traffic-Aware Cruise Control, Autosteer (Beta), and Navigate on Autopilot (Beta).

Go to Controls > Autopilot to enable/disable Autopilot features and customize your preferences.

Remember to keep your hands on the wheel and be attentive at all times.

Stopping Mode – New Feature

for Model S, 3, X, and Y (Not relevant in Germany)

Stopping Mode is now set to “Creep” by default after performing a factory reset.

When Stopping Mode is set to “Creep”, your car continues to move slowly forward (in Drive) or backwards (in Reverse) when close to a complete stop.

To change the Stopping Mode, go to Controls > Pedals & Steering > Stopping Mode.

Track Mode – New Feature

for Model S Plaid

With Track Mode, you can now:

– Reach a top speed of 200 mph when the optional Track Pack is installed.

– Monitor vehicle health at a glance with updated visuals on the instrument panel and touchscreen.

– Extract maximum track performance using adaptive suspension, torque vectoring and traction control systems, which have been updated to improve consistency and driver confidence.

Please refer to the Owner’s Manual for more details.

Refresh Your Data Sharing Settings – New Feature

for Model S, 3, X, and Y

Enable or disable data sharing and learn more about how Tesla uses anonymous data to improve existing safety and convenience features and create new ones.

Go to Controls > Software > Data Sharing. For more information on how we protect your data, go to

Power Meter – New Feature

for Model 3 and Y (Not relevant in Germany)

The power meter is a thin horizontal line above the car status area of the touchscreen that shows real-time power usage.

The right side of the power meter represents the power that is used to accelerate the vehicle. Now, when you press the accelerator pedal farther, the line is thicker.

Regenerative Braking – New Feature

for Model S, 3, X and Y

Choose the amount of regenerative braking applied when you release the accelerator pedal.

Standard: Provides the maximum amount of regenerative braking. When you release the accelerator pedal, your vehicle will slow down.

Low: Limits regenerative braking. When you release the accelerator pedal, your vehicle will take longer to slow down and coast farther than if set to “Standard”.

Go to Controls > Pedals & Steering > Regenerative Braking. See Owner’s Manual for more information.

Text Size – User Interface Improvements

for Model S, 3, X and Y

Choose Standard or Large text size for the touchscreen.
Go to Controls > Display > Text Size.

Control Search – User Interface Improvements

for Model S, 3, X and Y

Use the ‘Search’ function for quicker access to controls and settings.
Go to Controls > Search and enter a search term. Make changes directly from the result or tap the link to jump to that panel in Controls.

Phone Call Controls – Phone App Improvements

for Model S, 3, X, and Y

Control your phone calls from the steering wheel.
Use the left scroll button to answer or decline incoming calls. While you’re on a call, use it to mute/ unmute yourself or hang up.

Speed Assist – Autopilot Improvements

for Model S, 3, X and Y – Not relevant in Germany

Speed Assist now leverages your car’s cameras to detect speed limit signs. This improves the accuracy of speed limit data on local roads and highways in select countries. Detected speed limit signs will be displayed in the driving visualization.

Handwriting Keyboard – New Feature

for Model S+ and X+

Enter text by writing characters with your fingers, then selecting from the candidates shown above the handwriting pad.

Scroll Wheel Customization – New Feature

for Model S, 3, X, and Y

Do more with the left scroll button on the steering wheel.
You can adjust settings like brightness and Acceleration Mode, or perform actions like toggling the Camera App, opening the glovebox, and saving Dashcam footage.
Long press the left scroll button to bring up a list of functions and scroll through the list.
To choose which function comes up by default, go to Controls > Display > Scroll Wheel Function.

Zoom Meetings – New Feature

for Model S, 3, X and Y

Make video calls with Zoom using the interior cabin camera.

If you have a Zoom meeting in your Calendar, tap the link to automatically start or join your meeting. Participant video and screen sharing are only visible while parked and will switch to audio-only if you drive. To access Zoom, tap Application Launcher > Zoom.

To access Zoom, tap Application Launcher > Zoom. For more information about Zoom, see the Owner’s Manual.

Gear Chimes – New Feature

for Model S, 3, X and Y

A chime now sounds when you shift gears.
To toggle gear chimes, go to Controls > Safety > Gear Chimes.

Passenger Seat Controls – Vehicle Improvements

for Model S, 3, X and Y

Adjust the passenger seat from the rear touchscreen to make it easier to enter or exit the rear seat.
To access the passenger seat controls, tap the seat icon on the rear touchscreen. Hold one of the arrows to move the passenger seat forward or backward. The controls are available only when the vehicle is not moving.
To access the same controls from the front touchscreen, tap the App Launcher and go to the rear screen remote control app.

Get to Know Your Tesla – New Feature

for Model S, 3, X and Y

Learn basics like creating Driver Profiles, using Phone Key and regenerative braking from the ‘Get to Know Your Tesla’ educational experience within the new ‘Manual’ app. Each topic includes a visual and, if applicable, a link to the relevant feature. The ‘Manual’ app also provides easy access to resources for learning much more about your Tesla, such as the on-screen Owner’s Manual and online tutorial videos.
Go to App Launcher > Manual.

Voice Recognition Language – Voice Recognition Improvements

for Model S, 3, X and Y

British English is now available as a voice-recognition language.
To update your voice recognition language, go to Controls > Display > Voice Recognition Language and choose an option from the list.

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