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Wildlife Day – Happy World Wildlife Day 2020: Theme, History, Quotes, Pics, Celebrations Idea & Images

Wildlife Day – Happy World Wildlife Day 2020: Theme, History, Celebrations Idea, Wishes, Quotes, Greetings, Messages, Images, Pic, Photos are now available in this content. Every year, the World people are celebrated 3rd march as Happy World Wildlife Day.

World Wildlife Day 2020

This year, various countries are celebrating this day in various ways. On this day, maximum Wildlife Conscious people update the status on social media with #WorldWildlifeDay hashtag. Here below, we are also updating some World Wildlife Day 2020 Wishes, Quotes & Status. Just collect them and celebrate World Wildlife Day 2020.

When is World Wildlife Day 2020?

March 3rd is the official celebration date of Happy World Wildlife Day 2020.

World Wildlife Day 2020 Theme:

This year, on 3rd March 2020 is the official celebration date of World Wildlife Day and its theme is ‘Sustaining all life on Earth’, which includes all animal and plant species as well as the livelihoods of people, those living closest to nature.

World Wildlife Day 2020 Quotes
World Wildlife Day 2020 Quotes

History of World Wildlife Day:

On December 20, 2013, the UN added World Wildlife Day to its calendar as an official event to be celebrated from March 3, 2014, onwards. It declared the day out of concern that wildlife crime had negative economic, environmental and social impacts worldwide.

How to celebrate World Wildlife Day 2020?

Visit your local Zoo, Wildlife Park, museum, botanical gardens or national park. Collaborate with local zoos, parks, botanical gardens, national parks, aquariums or museums and encourage them to celebrate World Wildlife Day.

World Wildlife Day 2020: Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Greetings, Sayings, SMS & Status

World Wildlife Day 2020 Messages, Greetings

“We must speak for the ones who don’t have a voice. Let us save the wildlife. Warm wishes on World Wildlife Day to everyone.”

“Let us celebrate World Wildlife Day by promising that we will do all that we can to save the wildlife and to save this world.”

“With animals gone and trees gone, that time is not far when humans will also be gone. Warm wishes on World Wildlife Day.”

“A very Happy World Wildlife Day to all. We cannot bring back those who are extinct but we still have time to save those who are still alive.”

Slogan on Saving Wildlife

Save wildlife to save this world.

World is a better place with wildlife.

Wildlife and human are a part of the same world. Let us save wildlife.

It is up to us that whether we want to cherish them or have them perish.

Slogan on wildlife conservation

Let us conserve wildlife to conserve our future.

It is our duty to do good to wildlife.

This is the attitude of humans that they never show gratitude. Let us save wildlife.

Let us conserve wildlife by not letting them die.

World Wildlife Day 2020 Wishes

Slogans to Save Animals

Save before they become extinct from being endangered.

Save animals for they are a part of this world.

Our actions are responsible for the threat to their survival. Let us save animals.

Animals were not created by God so that we could hunt them or eat them. Let us save them.

World Wildlife Day 2020 Hashtags for Social Media:


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