Dhaka to Chittagong Train Schedule, Ticket Price/Fare

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In Bangladesh, there are many historical and popular picnic spots like as cox’s bazaar, Inani Beach, Naval beach etc. available in Dhaka and Chittagong. So, many people travel Dhaka to Chittagong to enjoy their life with family, friends by Train Journy. So, they are looking how to collect Dhaka to Chittagong Train Ticket, Time-Table.

There is some Train regular travel Dhaka to Chittagong and Chittagong to Dhaka and some weekly. The Dhaka to Chittagong trains are Subarna Express, Mohanagar Provati, Mohanagar Godhuli, Mohanagar Express, Sonar Bangla Express, Turna Express, Chittagong Mail, Karnaphuli express and Chattala express. Here below the DHA to CHI Train Schedule.

Dhaka to Chittagong Train Schedule:

Train Name [Train Number]Off dayFromDepartureToArrival
Subarna Express (inter city) [702]MondayDhaka3:00pmChittagong08:10pm
Mohanagar Provati (inter city) [704]NoneDhaka7:45amChittagong1:50pm
Mohanagar Express (inter city) [722]SundayDhaka9:00pmChittagong4:30am
Turna Express (inter city) [742]NoneDhaka11:30pmChittagong6:20am
Sonar Bangla Express (inter city) [788]WednesdayDhaka7:00amChittagong12:20pm
Chittagong mail [2]NoneDhaka10:30pmChittagong7:25am
Karnaphuli express [4]NoneDhaka8:30amChittagong6:00pm
Chattala Express [68]TuesdayDhaka1:00pmChittagong8:50pm

Chittagong to Dhaka Train Schedule:

TrainOff dayFromDepartureToArrival
Subarna Express (inter city) [701]MondayChittagong7:00amDhaka12:10pm
Mohanagar Goduli (inter city) [703]NoneChittagong3:00pmDhaka9:10pm
Mohanagar Express (inter city) [721]SundayChittagong12:30pmDhaka7:00pm
Turna Express (inter city) [741]NoneChittagong11:00pmDhaka5:25am
Sonar Bangla Express (inter city) [787]TuesdayChittagong5:00pmDhaka10:10pm
Dhaka mail [1]NoneChittagong10:30pmDhaka6:55am
Karnaphuli express [3]NoneChittagong10:00amDhaka7:45pm
Chattala Express [67]TuesdayChittagong8:15amDhaka3:45pm

Dhata to Chittagong Train Ticket Price/Fare : 

Sonar Bangla –
S_Chair ( non-AC) : TK 600 /-
Snigdha ( AC) : Tk 1000/-

Subarna Express –
S_Chair ( non-AC) : TK 380 /-
Snigdha ( AC) : Tk 725/-

Turna Express –
S_Chair ( non-AC) : TK 345 /-
Snigdha ( AC) : Tk 656/-

Mohanagar Express –
S_Chair ( non-AC) : TK 345 /-
Snigdha ( AC) : Tk 656/-

Some great places to visit in Chittagong:

Foy’s Lake – The lake is just 8 km away from Chittagong.

Patenga Sea Beach – It is located about 14 km south of Chittagong.

Karnafuli river – Boat ride in karnafuli is very nice.

Sitakunda Eco park – It is located about 37 km away from Chittagong.

D.C Hill – this hill is located 1 km away from zero point.

Batali Hill – It is located in Tiger Pass area of city , 1 km away from Zero point.

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