Douglas Tires Review 2023: Are Douglas Tires Good or Bad?

Douglas Tires Review 2023: Are Douglas Tires Good or Bad? Goodyear owns the Douglas Tire brand, and Walmart exclusively sells its tires. Does it have good tires? Here are the answers to your questions about Douglas tires.

Douglas produces budget tires that are of high quality. Both tire models perform reasonably well in both dry and wet conditions. As well as being comfortable, they also offer a smooth ride. In general, they provide an excellent combination of quality and affordability.

Douglas Tires Review 2023

Do you have any questions about Douglas tires? This is the right place for you. In the following Douglas tires review, we’ll talk about the history of the Douglas tire brand, how its most renowned tires, what promises and guarantees it offers, and why you might want to buy tires from this company.

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About Douglas Tires

While you need to buy new tires for your car, most individuals will tell you not to buy affordable tires. The cause for this is that most cheap tires are made poorly and have poor-quality components. So, they can make your car’s safety and efficiency much worse.

Also, their wrong structure usually causes them to wear out quickly. Since cheap tires cannot last long, most use them only temporarily.

But certain tire brands are available that sell high-quality tires at low prices that won’t hurt your car’s stability or performance. Additionally, tires from these names are sturdy, so they will keep working effectively for a long time. And Douglas Tires fit into this group.

Douglas is an affordable U.S. tire name. The Kelly Springfield Tire Company runs it, a Goodyear sub-brand. It has been making tires since 1992. Walmart has a unique deal with Goodyear. So, if you’d like to buy these tires, you can only do so at Walmart shops.

Most Popular Douglas Tires

There are currently two tire models available from Douglas. There are two types of Douglas – Douglas All-Season and Douglas Performance. Two types of tire models are specifically designed to handle specific conditions. The two Douglas tires are compared in-depth below.

Douglas All-Season

In addition to mid-size sedans, compacts, crossovers, and minivans, the Douglas All-Season is designed for vehicles of all types, including all-season touring tires. As an all-season tire, it is designed for drivers seeking a high-quality, affordable option. All-season tires with this design are currently among the cheapest on the market. You can buy this tire for much less than most other significant brands of budget tires, including Kumho, Riken, Uniroyal, and General Tire. It’s a pretty hefty price difference.

Sizes and Fitment

These tires are available in 35 different sizes. There are various sizes available between 13 inches and 18 inches.

Price Range

The price of this tire is currently between $50 and $115 at Walmart. Consequently, you can expect to spend between $200 and $460 on four Douglas All-Season tires. Looking at the pricing, you will see that a set of Douglas All-Season tires will cost less than $500.


  • Dry roads provide reliable traction and grip
  • The ride is quiet and comfortable
  • Lowest price on the market
  • Cornering stability at high speeds


  • Wet weather performance average
  • The road surface is snowy and icy, resulting in poor traction

Final Thoughts about Douglas All-Season

A Douglas All-Season tire is an excellent choice to replace your vehicle’s tires with a reliable and affordable set. With this tire, you can expect reliable performance at an affordable price. The Douglas All-Season, like most budget tires, suffers from certain shortcomings. Overall, this tire offers excellent value for the money.

Douglas Performance

Designed for drivers who want better control and comfort, the Douglas Performance is an all-season tire. You’ll notice that the Douglas Performance is more responsive than the Douglas All-Season. In comparison with the All-Season model, it handles and steers better. For its price, this tire offers decent levels of steering and handling, even if it lacks the sharpness or accuracy of premium performance tires.

Sizes and Fitment

Douglas Performance is available in approximately 15 sizes. There are 15-inch and 18-inch sizes available. So, no matter what vehicle you drive, whether it’s a sedan, compact, or crossover, you should be able to find a tire that can fit.

Price Range

Douglas Performance tires retail at Walmart for about $60 to $110 each. An entire set should cost around $260 to $440. You won’t pay more than $500 for a whole set. The Douglas Performance is an affordable performance tire that should be on your list if you shop for performance tires. You can only get the Douglas Performance at Walmart, just like the Douglas All-Season.


  • Steering response and handling are excellent on dry surfaces
  • In dry conditions, this grip is decent for cornering
  • Comfortable and quiet ride
  • Affordable prices


  • Performance on wet surfaces is subpar
  • Snowy conditions result in abysmal performance

Final Thoughts about Douglas’s Performance

There is a reputation for Douglas Performance tires to produce affordable but high-quality products. Dry and moderately wet surfaces are no problem for it. This tire is very popular among drivers because of its attractive price point.

Thus, if you drive a performance car and want cheap tires that can match the performance-oriented engine of your car, you should get the Douglas Performance. Most of what people have said about Douglas’s Performance has been good. Because of this, you may also have a good time with this tire.

Why Choose Douglas Tires?

Douglas tires are an excellent choice for many reasons. Among the most important are:

Affordability: For budget-conscious drivers, Douglas tires are an excellent choice.

Performance: Snow, rain, and dry conditions do not pose a problem for Douglas tires.

Durability: Whether driving a car or a truck, you can count on Douglas Tires for years of reliable service.

Warranty: Material and workmanship defects are covered by the limited warranty on Douglas tires.


After reading this Douglas Tires review, it is possible to develop concerns about Douglas Tires. While these tires have been on the market for more than 25 years, Walmart doesn’t provide much transparency about the manufacturer or the performance or durability of the tires.

The Douglas tires might interest you if you mostly commute within the city over short distances. The more reputable and reliable a brand is, the more likely it is to be reliable when you daily drive on high-speed highways or cross borders.

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