Fun And Possibly Even Useful Accessories For Your Car

If you are someone who uses your car to commute regularly, or enjoys frequent drives for fun, then you might feel as if it is a kind of second home on wheels! After all, it has a comfy seat and a picture window, heating and air conditioning to keep you comfortable, and a sound system so you can listen to your favorite tunes while you drive! Why not just hang out in there for a while? It’s pretty nice! As is, your car can be a fun place to spend time in, but why not take the fun up a few notches with these nifty add-ons and accessories?

Bumper Stickers These have been around for as long as cars have had bumpers, since the mid-1920s when Henry Ford rolled his first automobiles off of the assembly line. If there is a new space for people to put a message they will find it! Now you can get custom bumper stickers in Australia that say whatever you like, along with the art of your choice. Your message may be serious, or humorous, but “Look, No Hands!” is not advisable considering there may be a police car following behind you at some point.

Fun And Possibly Even Useful Accessories For Your Car

Radar Detector Speaking of the police… Sure, speeding is bad, but so is drinking booze, everybody does it anyway, just don’t do them at the same time! Having a radar detector protects you from those nasty little traps the cops love to set up on long, dull, straight stretches of road where they just know your foot is going to grow a bit heavy on the pedal! You can just cruise by at legal speed with a smile on your face, they aren’t going to trap you!

Dash Camera Apparently, judging by what is seen on TV, every driver in the world has been issued one of these. It’s actually a pretty good safety investment when it comes to liability if someone slams on their brakes in front of you for no good reason and you hit them, “Here officer, this is the dash camera footage”! There is also the chance you could capture a yowie, Australia’s legendary beast man, running across the road and get your name on of those “strange things caught on camera” shows. 

Remote Start System Imagine heading back to your car late at night while being pursued by an angry yowie! There’s no time to fumble around with the keys, but luckily all you have to do is click a button to unlock your car and start it right up for you! Jump in and make your getaway (don’t forget to turn on the dash camera!) We are sure there are other good reasons why you should have one of these installed in your car, we will let you know when we think of them.

As usual, the Australian Government has something to say, check this page for info about adding accessories and equipment to vehicles so you can stay legal! It might be best not to mention the radar detector.

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