School Holiday Vacations for Kids

Few parents have as much vacation time available as their children.  For many working or single parents, this can be a challenge.

Making sure your children are safe and looked after during school breaks is a high priority for most parents.

What are some things your children can do, during their school holidays?


This can be a great option for many.  Grandparents who are retired, are often a godsend for working parents.  You are sending your children to members of the family, that you know will look after them and make sure they are well taken care of.

One challenge younger retirees face is finding activities to engage their interests and keep them fulfilled.  Taking care of grandchildren, on an occasional basis, can be just such a task.

If grandparents are not an option, perhaps other family members can help.  Brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles all might be able to help.  If your children can visit with their cousins and spend the summer playing and hanging out, they will have a good time.

Summer Camps

There are lots of summer camp choices.  You can find camps that focus on outdoor activities as well as more creative endeavors.

If your children love sports consider a basketball camp or a tennis camp.  There are sports camps available for lots of sports, including golfing, sailing, and soccer.

You will find camps that focus on outdoor adventures like swimming, archery, canoeing, and camping. Others focus on the arts.  Your children can learn music, art, dance, crafts, and singing to name a few.

Getting your children into a summer camp program can help keep you from going nuts and feeling like you need a mental health professional.

Out of School Hour Care Centres

If your child attends a school that has an OSHC facility you may be in luck.  Many of these services offer vacation care.

The YMCA offers an Out of School Hours Care program.  The Y offers a range of activities including sports, arts and crafts, cooking, gardening, and board games and puzzles.

Since OSHC programs are sponsored by the Australian government, there may be financial assistance available.

Vacation Nanny or Au Pair

You might want to find a nanny or au pair to help you during your child’s vacation.  A nanny lives at their own residence whereas an au pair lives with the family in their home.

A nanny can help with:

  • Getting the children up and dressed
  • Preparing meals
  • Taking children to any scheduled activities
  • Playing with the children
  • Taking the children to parks, museums, movies, or the beach
  • Help with household chores like cleaning, grocery shopping and cooking

You could hire a nanny from a service, or find a responsible teenager who can help you during the vacation season.

Take Your Vacation

You can plan a vacation trip to the beach or National Park, or stay at home.  If you decide to stay at home, make sure you plan out interesting activities to keep the kids occupied.

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