Hospital and Clinic in Satkhira District

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Hospital and Clinic in Satkhira District:

Hospital NameAddressContact Number
General Hospital SatkhiraKhulna Road, SatkhiraTel: 0471-62114
Marie Stopes Clinic PolaspholNoor Ahmed Road ,

Polasphol, Sathkhira

Swopno ClinicKhulna Road, SatkhiraTel: 0471-64475
Sangram Medical HospitalPalashpole, SatkhiraTel: 0471-65169
District Hospital SatkhiraGovernment Hospital

Satkhira Sadar, Satkhira

Tel: 01730-324802
Upazila Health ComplexAshashuniGovernment Hospital,

Ashashuni, Satkhira

Tel: 01730-324614
Upazila Health Complex DebhataGovernment Hospital,

Debhata, Satkhira

Tel: 01730-324615
Upazila Health Complex KalaroaGovernment Hospital,

Kalaroa, Satkhira

Tel: 01730-324617
Upazila Health Complex KaliganjGovernment Hospital,

Kaliganj, Satkhira

Tel: 01730-324616
Upazila Health ComplexShamngarGovernment Hospital,

Shamngar, Satkhira

Tel: 01730-324618
Upazila Health Complex TalaGovernment Hospital,

Tala, Satkhira

Tel: 01730-324619

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