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How to say Happy New Year in Italian 2024 [Best Ways]

How to say Happy New Year in Italian 2024 [Best Ways]! How do you say Happy New Year in Italian? Just say “Felice anno nuovo”. Another common phrase we use is “Buon Anno”. Before we proceed, though, let’s tackle the basic words for talking about the holiday season, as there are some differences between English and Italian. While English speakers refer to December 31st as New Year’s Eve, in Italy, the occasion actually goes by other names.

Happy New Year 2024 Picture
Happy New Year 2024 Picture

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How to say Happy New Year in Italian

English Italian IPA Italian Pronunciation
New Year’s Day, 1st January Capodanno [kapodˈanno] kah-poh-dahn-noh
New Year’s Day, 1st January Primo dell’anno [prˈimo dellˈanno] pree-moh dehl ahn-noh
New Year’s Eve, the last day of the year Ultimo dell’anno [ˈultimo dˈɛl’ˈanno] ool-tee-moh dehl ahn-noh
New Year’s Eve, the last day of the year L’ultimo [lˈultimo] lool-tee-moh
New Year’s Eve, Saint Sylvester’s Day San Silvestro [sˈan silvˈɛstro] sahn seel-veh-stroh
New Year’s Eve La notte di San Silvestro [lˈa nˈɔtːe dˈi sˈan silvˈɛstro] lah noht-teh dee sahn seel-veh-stroh
Christmas Natale [natˈale] nah-tah-leh
Christmas Eve Vigilia di Natale [vid͡ʒˈilia dˈi natˈale] vee-jeel-yaa dee nah-tah-leh
Christmas Tree Albero di Natale [ˈalbero dˈi natˈale] ahl-beh-roh dee nah-tah-leh
Nativity scene Presepe [prezˈepe] preh-seh-peh
Holidays Feste [fˈɛste] pheh-steh
Holiday season Festività natalizie [festivitˈa natalˈit͡sje] pheh-stee-vee-tah nah-tah-lee-tsee-eh
Holiday season Festività [festivitˈa] pheh-stee-vee-tah
Big feast Cenone [t͡ʃenˈone] cheh-noh-neh

The Italian for Happy New Year is Buon Anno!

Buon is the short form for buono = good and anno = year so, as you can see, we are missing the ‘new’ part of the English expression.

This is not a mistake.

When speaking, Buon Anno is understood as a wish for the new year ahead and the use of the word ‘Nuovo ‘ is redundant.

When you are cheering or you are saying goodbye to someone, you can simply say: A presto, Buon Anno!

In writing, there is more leniency.

While it is common and correct to write Buon Anno, it is also perfectly acceptable to write ‘Buon Anno Nuovo’ or other similar expressions (see below).

Other ways to wish a Happy New Year in Italian

In English, we wish the new year to be happy.

In Italian, we wish it ‘buono’ however, both languages also have other ways of summoning a good beginning.

These alternative expressions are most common in writing and make for lovely and thoughtful greeting cards.

Other things can say to wish someone a happy new year in Italian are:

Auguri per un sereno anno nuovo – best wishes for a serene/ peaceful New Year

Auguri per un Prospero anno nuovo – best wishes for a prosperous new year

Buona fine e buon inizio! (wishes of a) good ending and a good beginning!

Felice anno nuovo! Happy New Year!

Wishing a Happy New Year in Italian in Writing

Greeting cards are a bit part of the festive tradition in a large part of the English-speaking world.

However, cards are not quite as common in Italy so if you don’t receive one or you don’t feel like sending one, don’t worry!

Businesses commonly send out season greetings to their clients at this time, often by email, but you are not expected to send a card to a friend or a relative in Italy.

A phone call or text /WhatsApp message is appropriate.

If you however like sending greeting cards, you can and the receiver will be extra grateful as it will be a welcome surprise!

If you are wishing a happy new year in Italian in writing, useful expressions are:

Buon Anno! Happy New Year!

Tanti Aguri per un sereno a Prospero anno nuovo – best wishes for a serene and prosperous new year

Tanti cari auguri di buon anno a te e alla tua famiglia – many warm wishes for a happy new year to you and your familiy

Tantissimi Auguri! A little like ‘congratulations’, ‘Auguri‘ is a universal Italian expression to wish good things ahead

Augurandovi un felice anno nuovo, vi porgiamo i nostri piu’ cordiali saluti (formal) – wishing you a happy new year, we send our kindest regards

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