Micromax Bangladesh Customer Care, Showroom Address & Contact Number


Welcome to Micromax Bangladesh Customer Care, Showroom Address & Contact Number Content. Are you searching Micromax Service Center in Bangladesh number and Office address? If yes, no tension. The Indian company Micromax provides many time types mobile in the market like as a feature phone, smartphone, tablet etc. Many Bangladeshi users use Micromax product. So, we update Micromax Customer Service Center Helpline number & Address.

Micromax Bangladesh Customer Care Address and contact Number:

Micromax Bangladesh Customer Care

Barisal Micromax Service Center

Barisal Service Center – Zilla Porishod Market, Shop No-31 (2nd Floor), Bottola Bazar ,Barisal

Contact No. :1678665901

Email :barisal@curepoint.com.bd

Comilla Micromax Service Center

Comilla Service Center – Shop no-31, 32 Zila Porishod Market, 1st Floor, Bagicha Gao, Comilla

Contact No. :1678006468

Email :comilla@curepoint.com.bd

Noakhali Micromax Service Center 

Noakhali Service Center – Siddik Plaza, 1st Floor, Karimpur road,Chowmohoni, Noakhali

Contact No. :1678006483

Email :noakhali@curepoint.com.bd

Basundhara City Micromax Service Center 

Basundhara City Service Center – Level-3, Block-B, Shop No:40-41, Basundhara City, Panthapath,Dhaka-1209

Contact No. :1673556677

Email :bcity@curepoint.com.bd

Motijheel Micromax Service Center 

Motijheel Service Center – Kader Tropical Heights, 1st Floor, Shop: 42,43, Hatkhola Road, Tikatuly, Motijheel, Dhaka

Contact No. :1796668612

Email :motijhil@curepoint.com.bd

Tangail Micromax Service Center 

Tangail Service Center – Rinu Shopping Complex, (1st Floor),Shop-(55,56), Behind Capsul Market, Khalpar Road , Tangail

Contact No. :1678006466

Email :tangail@curepoint.com.bd

Narayangonj Micromax Service Center 

Narayangonj Service Center – 123 B.B Road, Sufia Plaza (Ground Floor) Chashara, Narayangonj-1400

Contact No. :1678006475

Email :narayangonj@curepoint.com.bd

Khulna Micromax Service Center 

Khulna Service Center – 58, Afaz Chamber (2nd Floor), Khan-A-Sabur Road, Khulna

Contact No. :1678665914

Email :khulna@curepoint.com.bd

Kustia Micromax Service Center 

Kustia Service Center – Lal Mohammad Plaza, Singer mor (1st Floor),Shop No-1,66/1, NS Road, Kustia.

Contact No. :1678665902

Email :kustia@curepoint.com.bd

Bogra Micromax Service Center 

Bogra Service Center – Jamil Sopping Center (2nd Floor) Shop No :35-36, Borogola,Bogra

Contact No. :1678665908

Email :bogra@curepoint.com.bd

Naogaon Micromax Service Center 

Naogaon Service Center – Monoroma Building (2nd Floor), Main Road,Muktir More, Naogaon

Contact No. :1678006437

Email :naogaon@curepoint.com.bd

Dinajpur Micromax Service Center 

Dinajpur Service Center – Holding No -1174, Javed Villa (2nd Floor), Behind Lutfunessa Tower, Lily Mor, Dinajpur

Contact No. :1678665905

Email :dinajpur@curepoint.com.bd

Chittagong Micromax Service Center

Chittagong Service Center – VIP Tower Shopping Center (2nd Floor), 125 Chottashary Road, Kazir Dewri,Chittagong

Contact No. :1678006474

Email :chittagong@curepoint.com.bd

Cox’s Bazar Micromax Service enter 

Cox’s Bazar Service enter – A.B Super Market (2nd Floor), Main Road,Laldhigirpar. Cox’s Bazar

Contact No. :1678006491

Email :coxsbazar@curepoint.com.bd

Banani Micromax Service Center 

Banani Service Center – House-12 (2nd Floor) Road-2/3, Chairman Bari, Banani,Dhaka-1213

Contact No. :1733200653

Email :banani@curepoint.com.bd

Mirpur Micromax Service Center 

Mirpur Service Center – Shah Ali Plaza, Level-5,Shop No 03 & 05, Mirpur-10, Dhaka

Contact No. :1678665907

Email :mirpur@curepoint.com.bd

Uttara Micromax Service Center 

Uttara Service Center – Shop: 42, Level-4,Polwell Carnation Shopping Mall, Abdullah Pur, Uttara, Dhaka-1230

Contact No. :1678006469

Email :uttara@curepoint.com.bd

Savar Micromax Service Center 

Savar Service Center – Sadeque Bhaban,  A 6/2 Manikgonj Somiti Road, Savar Bus Stand, Savar, Dhaka-1340

Contact No. :1678665909

Email :savar@curepoint.com.bd

Mymensingh Micromax Service Center 

Mymensingh Service Center – 88, C. K. Ghosh Road, Level-3, Mymensingh

Contact No. :1678665912

Email :mymensingh@curepoint.com.bd

Jessore Micromax Service Center 

Jessore Service Center – Ronok Chamber, Mid Town Hotel, 5th Floor, Chowrasta Mor, Jessore

Contact No. :1678665913

Email :jessore@curepoint.com.bd

Rajshahi Micromax Service Center 

Rajshahi Service Center – House No-124 (2nd Floor), Infront Rajshahi Polytechnic Institute, Sopura, Rajshahi

Contact No. :1733200658

Email :rajshahi@curepoint.com.bd

Pabna Micromax Service Center 

Pabna Service Center – Shop no-01,(2nd floor), Muktijoddha market,Abdul hamid road, Pabna

Contact No. :1678354890

Email :pabna@curepoint.com.bd

Rangpur Micromax Service Center 

Rangpur Service Center – Mostofa Super Market (1st Floor), Jahaz Companyer Mor, Rangpur

Contact No. :1678006467

Email :rangpur@curepoint.com.bd

Sylhet Micromax Service Center 

Sylhet Service Center – 1st Floor, Oriental Shopping Center,Bondor Bazar,Sylhet

Contact No. :1709204525

Email :sylhet@curepoint.com.bd

Micromax Showroom / Authorize Outlets in Bangladesh:

Area / City / District Shop Name Address Contact Number
Dhaka City – Banani Micromax Mobile House-35(5th), Road-07, Block-G, Banani-Dhaka-1213 01733200653, 01673556699
Dhaka City – Bashundhara City Micromax Mobile Level-3, Block-B, Shop No:40-43, B. City 01673556677,01733200654
Dhaka City – Mirpur-10 Micromax Mobile Shah Ali Plaza, Leve-5,Shop No 03 & 05, Mirpur-10 01678665907
Dhaka City – Motijheel Micromax Mobile Kader Tropical Heights (1st Floor), shop-42-43, Hatkhola road, Tikatuli, Motijheel
Dhaka City – Uttara Micromax Mobile Shop: 42, Level-4, Polwell Carnation Shopping Mall, Abdullah Pur, Uttara, Dhaka-1230
Barisal Micromax Mobile Shop No 31, Jele porishod market, Bot Tola Bazaar, Barishal 01678665901
Bogra Micromax Mobile Jamil Sopping Center (2nd Floor) Shop No: 35,36 Borogola, Bogra 01678665908
Chakaria Micromax Mobile Chakaria City Center, (2nd Floor), Chakaria Pourosova, Chakaria, Coxs Bazar
Chittagong Micromax Mobile VIP Tower Shopping Center (2nd floor) 125 Chottashary Road, kazir Dewri 01733200659
Comilla Micromax Mobile 10, Jela Porishod Super Market (1st Floor), Near Comilla Diabetes Hospital, Bagicha Gao, Comilla 01678006468
Dinajpur Micromax Mobile Javed Villa (3rd floor), Behind Lutfunessa Tower, Dinajpur 01678665905
Jessore Micromax Mobile Shafiullah Complex (2rd floor), MK Road, Jessore 01678665913
Khulna Micromax Mobile 58, Afaz Chamber(2nd Floor), Khan-A-Sabur Road, Khulna 01733200222, 01678665914
Kustia Micromax Mobile Islamia College Market (2nd Floor), N.S Road, Kushtia 01678665902
Mymensingh Micromax Mobile 84 C. K. Ghosh Road, Level -5, Mymensing 01678665912
Noakhali Micromax Mobile Dalia super market, Siddique plaza (1st Floor), Chowmuhani bus stand, Noakhali 01678006483
Rajshahi Micromax Mobile Shahana Plaza (4th floor) House-107, Block-E, GowroHunga, Greater road 01733200658
Rangpur Micromax Mobile Mostofa Super Market, Jahaj Company More, Rangpur sadar, Rangpur 01678006467
Savar Micromax Mobile Sadeque Bhobon, A 6/2 Manikgonj Somiti road, Savar bus stand 01678665909
Tangali Micromax Mobile Rinu shopping Complex, 1st floor, Shop-55-56, Behind Capsul Market, khalpar Road, Tangail

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