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Robi 4GB 48 TK Offer (Validity 7 Days)

Robi 4GB 48 TK Offer (Validity 7 Days)! Hello Dear, Welcome to Robi 4GB Internet 48 Taka Offer 2018 with 7 days validity. The Bangladeshi 2nd biggest and most popular telecommunication company brings a special internet offer for their special customers, whose name is Robi 4GB 48TK Internet Offer.

Maximum Robi prepaid customers are eligible to enjoy Robi 4 GB 48 TK Offer but not every Robi connection user. Under this offer, customers get 2GB Internet for 24 hours usage time and 2GB Internet from 6AM to 6PM with 7 days validity. If you are a Robi connection users and want to activate the Robi 4 GB 48 TK Offer, just follow the below content.

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How to check Robi 4GB 48 Taka Offer eligibility?

Robi makes a simple way to check the Robi 4GB Internet 48 TK Offer Eligibility. Just, go to the dial option and dial USSD Code *999#. After dialing this USSD Code, you will see some offer for you, like the below picture, where you know eligible or not eligible Robi 48 Taka 4GB Offer. If you eligible Robi 4GB Tk 48 Offer, you also received an SMS from “G-Store@” same to this message “48Tk-te 4GB Internet Apnar Jonno (2GB 24 hrs + 2GB 6am-6pm) Meyad 7din. 48Tk recharge korun ekhon-e”.

Robi 4GB 48 TK Offer

Robi 4GB 48 TK Offer 2018 Details Info:

  • To activate the Robi 4GB @ 48 TK Offer, customers need to recharge exact 48 Taka.
  • VAT + SD + SC included in recharge amount.
  • Eligible customers can activate the Robi 4GB 48 Taka Offer as many times as they want during the offer period.
  • To check the remaining balance of Robi 4GB at 48 Taka Offer, just dial *8444*88#.
  • This is a limited time offer.
  • Customers can use the Robi 48 TK Recharge Offer 4 GB Internet both 2G/3G area networks and uses times 24 hours.

Thanks for staying with us a long time and visiting Robi 4GB Internet 48 Taka Offer 2018 content. If you have any question about the Robi 4GB 48 TK Offer? Just comment here. We reply as soon as possible.


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