All Service Off GP, Robi, Banglalink, Airtel, Teletalk


All Service Off GP, Robi, Banglalink, Airtel, Teletalk! Are you searching how to off the Service cut of Money from any SIM GP, Robi, Airtel, BL, Teletalk? If your is yes, no tension. In this content we update all BD SIM cut of Money Service Off system. Just follow the below content.

GP All Service Off System:

Grameenphone All Service type “Stop all” and send 2332
Grameenphone Welcome tune: Type “Stop” and send to 4000
Grameenphone Internet off *500*40#
Grameenphone Facebook Type “Stop” and send to 32665
Grameenphone Facebook USSD dial *325*22#
Grameenphone Mobile Twitting Type “Stop” and send to 9594
Grameenphone Call Block : Type “Stop CB” and send to 5678
Grameenphone Missed Call Alert write “STOP MCA” and send to 6222
Grameenphone Cricket Alert Service “Stop Cric” to 2002.
Grameenphone Sports service Type “STOP SN” and SMS to 2002.
Grameenphone Cricket service, type “STOP CR” and SMS to 2002.
Grameenphone Mobile Backup Write “Stop MB” and send to 6000
Grameenphone Buddy Tracker Type “Stop” and send to 3020
Grameenphone Music News Type “Stop BD ” and send to 4001
Grameenphone Voice Chat dial 2828 and press 8.
Grameenphone Entertainment Box Type “Stop” and send to 1234
Grameenphone Ebill type “Ebill cancel” and send to 2000.
Grameenphone Job News type “STOP<space>JOBCATEGORY” to 3003.
Grameenphone Namaz timings: SMS “STOP N” to 2200.
Grameenphone Hadith sharif SMS “STOP H” to 2200.
Grameenphone Voice Mail Service Dial ##62# or ##67# or ##61# or ##21#
All Service Off GP, Robi, Banglalink, Airtel, Teletalk

Airtel All Service Off System:

airtel Promotional SMS Call Dial *121*9*2# (free)
airtel facebook ussd Dial *325*22# and to confirm press 1
airtel Caller tune & My tune Dial *121*3*1#

airtel Music & entertainment / mRadio Dial  *121*3*2#

airtel Mobile Backup Dial  *121*3*3#

airtel Miss call alert Dial  *121*3*4#

airtel Classified service Dial *121*3*5#

airtel Cricket Dial  *121*3*6#

airtel Religious alert Dial *121*3*7#

airtel Health & Education Dial *121*3*8#

airtel Horoscopes Dial  *121*3*9#

airtel News Service Dial *121*3*10#

airtel Weather forecast Dial  *121*3*11#

airtel Voice mail Dial *121*3*12#

airtel Intl. Roam SMS Dial *121*3*13#

airtel Jokes Dial *121*3*14#

airtel Call block service Dial  *121*3*15#

Robi All Service Off System:

Robi Goongoon : Type “off” to 8466
Robi Internet off Dial *8999*00#
Robi Missed all alert dial *140*2*1*2#
Robi Phone back up *140*2*2*6#
Robi Call Block *140*2*3*6#
Robi Facebook Type “Stop” and send to 32665
Robi Blaast Type STOP and send to 21291
Robi Voice Tube “Unsub” or ‘UNSUB’ to 808088
Robi Circle- Type CSTOP & send to 8880.
Robi Locator service Type “off” & send to 1818
Robi Daily WAP content @ TK 1- type Off and send 21290.
Robi Breaking News Alerts : dial *140*8*1*2*3#
Robi Fun Portal – “joke off” to 4636.
Robi Kid- Zone SMS “off” to 8543
Muslim Life on Robi SMS “OFF” to ‘21279’
Robi Ibadat Portal – type off and send 80807.
Robi Women Zone Service type “STOP WZ” & sent to 8378
Robi Cricket World -Call 8274 number and follow the instruction [press 7 then press 2]
Robi Shorgol (community service) To unsubscribe, SMS community nameStop to 9090.

Banglalink All Service Off System:

Technology news: Dial *6397*3*1*2# For Deactivation.
Banglalink local radio: To deactivate banglalink local
radio SMS “Stop” to 2001.
Missed Call Alert: For Deactivate SMS “Stop” to 622.
Banglalink Megamind: For Unsubscribe Dial *360*1*2#.
Hajj portal: For Unsubscribe SMS “Stop” to 2200.
Priyo tune: For Deregister SMS “Stop” to 4000.
Namaz timing alert: For Unsubscribe Dial *2200*3*8#.
Entertainment news: For Deactivate Dial *6397*2*2*2#.
Amar tune: For Deregister SMS “Stop” to 2222.
Music Station: For Deregister SMS “Stop” to 5858.
International news: For Unsubscribe Dial *6397*6*7*1*2#
Call Block: For Unsubscribe SMS “Stop” to 8181.
Sportszone Cricket Update: For Deactivate Dial
Sportszone Football Update: For Deactivate Dial
Love & Fun Portal: For Deactivate SMS “Stop Fun” to
BL Store: For Deactivate Dial *7076*118*2#.
Hi Buddy SMS Chat: For Deactivate Dial *2077*2#

Thanks for staying with us a long time and visiting All Service Off GP, Robi, Banglalink, Airtel, Teletalk content. If you have any question about the all service off BD SIM operator, just comment here. We reply as soon as possible.


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