The First Apple Car 2024 Release Date, Price, Specs, Interior & Exterior Info

The First Apple Car 2024 Price, Specs, Release Date, News! Aiming for a true self-driving electric vehicle, Apple is working on “Project Titan,” which involves designing the first Apple Car in two basic categories: self-driving vehicle systems and automotive design. Unlike the average electric vehicle, the Apple Car is going to be loaded with advanced technologies that require limited or no human input.

Apple Car 2025

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New Apple Car 2024 Built Policy

Apple is basically a computer firm without any experience making and marketing automobiles, even though they are working on infotainment systems and LiDAR sensors for vehicles with some of their outside partners. So, Apple needs to locate a whole new supply chain and outsource consulting to a different company that has the necessary resources to produce a car. Apple is supposedly planning to seek a manufacturing partner among renowned automakers to build the vehicles. Clearly, the large brands are unwilling to participate in the Apple Car instead of developing their own electric-vehicle. Recently, Apple had a talk with Magna International about manufacturing cars because Magna has factories all over the world. During the talk, Magna asked for a commitment of as many as 100,000 vehicles annually to enter into a contract.

Battery, and Performance

According to an unnamed source, Apple is developing a new battery that may radically reduce the cost and also increase the vehicle’s range. According to rumors, Apple is working on designing a mono-cell battery in which the size of a cell is increased inside the battery pack by removing pouches and modules that hold battery materials. Moreover, Apple is also planning to use lithium iron phosphate instead of the standard lithium-ion solution in the batteries to prevent overheating. This battery is capable of obtaining more range from a single charge and ensuring a substantially safer car ride.

Apple Silicon

The Apple Car’s main selling point will be its powerful onboard computer system powered by Apple Silicon; the chip for the Apple Car is expected to perform as well as a combination of four of Apple’s highest-end Mac chips. The company’s silicon engineering group is developing the chip, which has reached an advanced state and is considered nearly production-ready. Hopefully, Apple may be able to scale down the production cost before the car’s launch.

Apple Car 2024 - iCar 2024
Apple Car 2024 – iCar 2024

The first New 2024 Apple Car Design

Sources say that Apple is still in the early stages of designing its first vehicle, and the team is still in the pre-prototype stage. Ulrich Kranz, the former CEO of Canoo, is leading the design team, with the goal of finalizing a design by next year and establishing features by the end of 2024. Apple aims to put the car through extensive testing in 2025 under the supervision of Desi Ujkashevic, an ex-Ford Motor Co. executive. The most widely held Apple Car rumor is that it will be a self-driving car of some kind, though it is unclear whether this will be limited or total autonomy.

Interior and Infotainment

Apple Car is intended to provide a hands-free ride; it may have a limousine-style interior with passengers facing each other rather than a standard setup. Apple will prioritize interior and infotainment systems to provide people with something to do when they are not driving. The automated car can be considered a machine that offers Uber-like service instead of a traditional driver.


A recent patent provides the first details of a possible design that shows the roof of the car is retractable and can be retracted as the side windows are opened. The driver of an Apple Car may be able to choose the amount of light that comes through the top as the car is going to adopt variable opacity technology, quite similar to Mercedes’ Magic Sky.

New Apple Car 2024 Price

It is too early to predict the price of the first Apple car, but we can at least try to make a shaky guess by looking at the pricing of other companies, that produce luxury automobiles. One thing we are sure of is that Apple is not obviously considering producing a low-priced vehicle, as their motivation is high-end quality and brand loyalty. The target customers of Apple are not driven by price, and so the company is pricing its product in such a way that it remains accessible to the majority of buyers even after ensuring first-rate quality. Experts assumed that the Apple car may have a price range anywhere from $40,000 to $170,000. According to the sources, there is the possibility of having multiple models with different price ranges. Even the most affordable variant of an Apple-branded electric car may cost more than $35,000.

The First Apple Car Release Date

Apple is still working on finding a partner to produce dynamic self-driving cars, and there are still years to go before production starts, so we may have to wait until 2025 to purchase an Apple Car. Apple may begin taking pre-orders a year or more in advance to ensure high-volume sales. Furthermore, nothing has been confirmed, and Apple, despite a long-standing interest in producing self-driving cars, may scale back the project.

We have to wait for the official announcement from Apple to know about their thoughts on producing the car.

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