All Models JLab Earbuds Not Charging [SOLVED 2023]

All Models JLab Earbuds Not Charging [SOLVED 2023]! The JLab earbuds are excellent quality and affordable. The earbuds and charging case will sometimes not charge, a common problem for JLab users. The purpose of this article is to troubleshoot and resolve the issue of the JLab earbuds not charging. Because JLab Air, JBuds, and JLab Go Air have similar builds, this guide applies to all JLab earbuds.

All Models JLab Earbuds Not Charging [SOLVED 2023]
All Models JLab Earbuds Not Charging [SOLVED 2023]

This guide will help you fix your problem if your JLab earbuds don’t charge, one side (left or right) doesn’t charge, or your charging case won’t charge. Starting with the most common problems, we’ll move on to more specific ones.

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Remove plastic film over charging pins

A thin paper film on some JLab models, such as the Jolab Go Air, separates the charging case and earbud connectors. To prevent overcharging during shipping, the earbuds are equipped with this feature.

Take off the paper film from your JLab earbuds if you recently got them and are having trouble charging them. Your earbuds and charging case need to be in contact with each other to charge.

While some models can be easily noticeable, others can be more inconspicuous. Occasionally, I accidentally put the paper sticker over the charging pins on Skullcandy earbuds, which led to the earbuds not charging.

It is recommended to remove the paper film from your JLab earbuds before charging them.

Clean the charging pins

When using our earbuds, earwax, and oils accumulate in our ears, and sometimes, this accumulation of earwax and oils blocks the charging pins from being able to connect to their charging case. JLab earbuds will not charge if this happens.

If your earbuds and charging case get dirty, you should clean them thoroughly with a soft tissue or cloth now and then. Clean the charging pins thoroughly, paying particular attention to the pins.

Check the charging cable

Since most have a fixed USB connection, you don’t need a separate USB cable to connect the JLab earbud charging cases to a laptop USB port or charger. The USB connector and cable are convenient, but the entire case will be rendered useless if they are damaged. That’s why most companies prefer modular designs.

The built quality of JLab earbuds is far from exceptional because they are budget earbuds. Charger cables and connectors are prone to damage.

Charge your earbuds by checking the attached cable and USB connector if they fail to charge suddenly. The cable must be worn and torn, and the connector pins will have dirt and debris deposits. Alcohol swabs and WD40 contact cleaner spray are effective at cleaning connector pins.

Change the charging source

Using any standard USB port, you can charge your JLab earbuds case. You can quickly charge it even through a laptop port that has a low power rating.

It is possible, however, that the problem stems from the charging port or charging brick. To eliminate this, you should try charging it with another charging brick or changing the port.

Reset the earbuds

If your earbuds are not working properly, you may need to reset them to resolve a temporary software glitch or bug. This includes problems with charging too. You should try factory resetting your JLab earbuds if they aren’t charging to determine if it is the software.

The process for resetting all JLab earbuds is straightforward.

  • You can unpair the Bluetooth device by forgetting the “JLab JBuds Air Pro” from its settings in your Bluetooth device.
  • Place the charging case on top of both earbuds.
  • While one earbud is still in its case, tap it seven times quickly. There will be four blue blinks on the earbud.
  • Remove the charging case from both earbuds.
  • The solid white earbuds will be ready to pair with your device once they have been blinking blue/white for some time.

If you reset your phone or tablet, you must pair your earbuds again.

Update earbuds firmware

Updating your earbud firmware is an excellent way to ensure your earbuds are fully functional and avoid software glitches. You must provide the latest firmware installed before moving forward with more severe troubleshooting steps.

The JLab sound companion app (if you don’t already have it) will help you. You can update your earbuds from the home screen depending on your phone. You can update your earbuds right there if they have a pending update.

Batteries are over drained

Using an over-drained battery on earbuds can permanently damage the lithium-ion battery, making them unable to charge again, especially if you don’t use your earbuds for a long time and leave them uncharged. It can permanently damage the ability of a battery to recharge when its voltage falls below a certain level. This phenomenon is known as “deep discharge.”

Putting the earbuds on the overnight charge may help salvage the device before replacing the battery or throwing it away altogether. Whether or not you see a blinking LED or indication of charge, leave your earbuds on charge for at least 12 hours. This method is sometimes used to jump-start a deeply discharged battery. It works 9 out of 10 times when I recharge my DJI drone batteries.

Final Thoughts

You can try several steps to resolve problems with charging your JLab earbuds. Ensure to remove the plastic film covering the charging pins and clean the pins thoroughly. It may be necessary to replace the charging cable and the source of the charge. The earbuds may need to be reset and the firmware updated if that doesn’t work. You might have over-drained batteries or a hot charging case if it still happens.

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